HBIS' thickest vanadium-chromium-molybdenum steel in China replaces imports exclusively for equipment for key refining and chemical projects of Sinopec




On May 12, HBIS delivered the vanadium-chromium-molybdenum steel customized for a key refining project of Sinopec to the customer, which will be replaced by imports and exclusively used in the production of hot and high-pressure separators. The thickness of the product is 193 mm, the single weight is 46 tons, the thickness and single weight have reached the highest in China, and the technical indicators are at the international leading level.

HBIS insists on promoting the optimization of "two structures" with technological upgrading, gives full play to the leading role of science and technology according to the needs of high-end customers, and continues to develop more "singles champion" products. Set up a professional marketing, technology, quality, production service team to deeply dock with customers, and cooperate to participate in the design and development of manufacturing materials such as thermal and high-pressure separators, key equipment of the project. Constantly innovate and optimize the process design scheme, innovate the alloy component distribution ratio system in the smelting link, innovate the process route in the rolling link, and overcome the industrial technical problems such as easy fluctuations in the internal performance of the steel plate and difficult to control the surface quality in one fell swoop, ensuring that the technical indicators of the trial steel plate are at the international leading level and highly recognized by customers.


Group video held the cadre meeting of Wugang Company

On October 24, the Group video held a cadre meeting of Wugang Company, announcing the decision of the Group's Party Committee and the Group Company on the adjustment of the company's leadership. Wang Lanyu, the general manager of the Group,

Discussion on Centralized Learning Organized by the Theoretical Learning Center Group of the Party Committee of Hegang Group

And study and implement measures.   Welcome the successful convening of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China with practical actions and outstanding achievements.

Another new product launched by the company in China

"This is another domestic first product developed by us - 174mm high-end extra thick chrome molybdenum steel plate, a total of 11 pieces, which will replace imports and be exclusively used in the manufacturing of ammonia synthesis reactor

The company carried out the 18th "Golden Autumn Student Aid" activity

On September 1, with deep friendship and blessing, the staff of the labor union of Wugang Company of Hegang Group went to the homes of some needy workers to send grants and consolation gifts to their children. This is a silhouette of the 18th "Golden Autumn Student Aid" activity held by Wugang.

Wuyang 1Ni weather resistant bridge steel supports the first cross sea high-speed railway bridge in China

On the morning of August 30, with the last set of 500m long rails successfully laid on the track bed at Xiamen North Station of Fuzhou Xiamen High Speed Railway, Fuzhou Xiamen High Speed Railway, the first cross sea high-speed railway in China, successfully completed the track laying of the whole line. During the construction of Fuzhou Xiamen High speed Railway, Wuhan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. of Hegang Group has supplied more than 10000 tons of high-quality steel plates for its key control project - Quanzhou Bay Sea Crossing Bridge, of which more than 3000 tons of Ni are Q345qDNHY-I weather resistant bridge steel plates supporting its key parts.

Dancing steel plate beautifies the landmark buildings in Nanxun

On August 22, at the steel plate shipping site, I watched a truck of neatly loaded steel plates set off one after another, Liu Chunyu, a marketing staff member of Wugang Company of Hegang Group, was excited: "These thousands of tons of high-end steel plates for high-rise buildings will be used in the key parts of the Nanxun Elephant Hotel and Exhibition Center project, a landmark building in Nanxun, Huzhou, Zhejiang Province