Set up the stage of innovation to fill the driving force of enterprise development



Set up the stage of innovation to fill the driving force of enterprise development
-- Hegang Wugang Party Committee to accelerate the training of young cadres to build a talent highland

Economic globalization makes enterprises face the fierce competition from the global market, and this competition is the competition of talents in the final analysis. It has become an important magic weapon for enterprises to cultivate core competitiveness to train the talents of relevant positions in a planned way. In recent years, river steel WuGang party committee will be human resources development as an important infrastructure assurance to realize the economic benefit, build a platform for director-general, innovative training methods, is committed to build a high-quality cadres and loyalty clean bear inspire the potential of every employee, power enterprises on the journey of the high speed development steadily forward.

The standard is advanced, the combination of learning and doing, with the new standard to promote the comprehensive quality of young cadres

In April, the sky is clear and the ground is bright, and the majestic Ma On Mountain is green. During the Qingming holiday, in the room of the second rolling mill at the foot of the mountain, Zhang Zhijun, the second grade engineer in charge of the Ministry of Science and Technology, was busy on the production line as a shift operator in the rear area of the second rolling mill.

In late February this year, for the further implementation of the group in yong, chairman of the new standard, new heights, new vision to promote river steel WuGang each work instructions spirit, further strengthening the construction of young cadres training, improve the quality of the cadres, expand field of vision, rich experience, to create a more conducive to talents growth environment, combined with the group and companies to speed up the young cadres training requirements, As well as the actual situation of the company, He Steel Wugang Party Committee innovation training method, issued the "He Steel Group Wugang outstanding young cadres hang post hanging post exercise management method", for the growth of outstanding young cadres to build a new broad stage. New way to hang the temporary duty, adhere to the principle of the party cadres, practical, effective, and to organize the key personnel can plan to develop the way of combining the human relations under the premise of unchanged, select young cadres by the organization to the company's internal benchmarking units and other units, in a job GuaRen certain position, the practice of a certain period of exercise.

At the beginning of March, He steel Wugang human resources (organization) department in full communication with the relevant units on the basis of the selection of the first batch of 10 young cadres, began a 2-month cross-unit hang post exercise. Ten of the outstanding cadres with a bachelor's degree or above, high political quality, strong sense of overall situation, and outstanding performance in the current job began to exercise for temporary posts...

In the afternoon of April 15, 88 years of born handsome young man, with energy center oxygen operation area operation long identity to the second steelmaking power equipment room as business director CAI Xiaopei hands oil, is running in the overhaul site. About credentials the exercise, and two units completely different mode of production and production rhythm, he said he felt most deeply on two points: one is for steel production equipment, an overview of the technological process, understand the demand for all kinds of energy medium steel production, considering the problem is no longer as before passive protection for the second is to take the initiative to plan, the supply of energy medium; Second, he benefited a lot from the excellent style and rich experience of the surrounding leaders and colleagues, and his work efficiency and ability were greatly improved.

Cadre training is a systematic project. As early as the beginning of May, Hegang Wugang human resources (organization) department is actively planning the second batch of young cadres hang post work, planned from the company organs to send young cadres to the production line hang post exercise, service, let a share of "fresh blood" flourishing vitality. On May 17, the second batch of 11 young cadres took their new jobs. According to the first batch of young cadres appointed post the actual running situation and feedback, the company party committee, the temporary work unit to temporary staff further defined during temporary work tasks and performance indicators, to provide support, strengthen management, to ensure that the temporary hang duty cadres during the period of temporary work task goal, professional skill gain, quality and ability to ascend, Lay a solid foundation for the training and long-term development of young cadres.

Thought forerunner, firm belief, with the new height to motivate cadres to improve their political quality and ability

For further implement the party's 19th and the central economic work conference of the fifth plenary session of the spirit, to further strengthen the cadre style, team building and execution, the group's annual conference, members and ZhiDaiHui the objectives of the "two sessions" determine tasks and key work to deliver, emancipate the mind, full of mark, to promote the company fast and good development, the company party committee through plot, Decided to hold mid-level cadres spring intensive training, which kicked off the 2021 annual situation, task and target education rotation.

The situation, task and objective education was carried out by stages. The first round of training targeted at the company's leaders and middle-level cadres, and the first level of technical cadres above the supervisor, about 160 people; The second round of training was divided into five rounds for the business backbone of operation leaders, office directors and team leaders in the main operation areas of each unit of the company, with about 700 participants.

 To promote the company's current key work has a very high guiding significance and practical significance. Professor li tao, deputy director of henan provincial party committee party school cool-up actuarial-oriented clingy are studying the history of the party of the party to carry out education activities, tells his story from three aspects to explain the beginner's mind and mission of the communist party of China people, make the broad masses of party members and cadres draw strength from the study history of the party, to be a good party cadres, cadres from WuGang good clear objectives and direction, don't forget to beginner's mind, keep in mind that the mission, To further improve the style of work and enhance the executive force has produced a positive and far-reaching impact.

On March 4, the first training session of the second round was held as scheduled. More than 70 business cadres, including operation leaders, office directors and team leaders, from four units including one steelmaking unit, participated. At the training meeting, the company's office and the propaganda Department of the Party Committee of the group's annual work conference, the Party committee and the congress, and Hegang Wugang "two sessions" to determine the target task and key work to understand, played the product quality warning education film.

After this, He steel Wugang held a number of training, to promote the grassroots cadres to further emancipate the mind, comprehensive standard, unity, firmly realize the river steel Wugang new leap has played a positive role in promoting.

At the historic moment, innovative ideas, with new models to help talent knowledge and ability structure update

The core competitiveness of an enterprise is ultimately reflected in the value created by talents through innovation. Therefore, only attaching importance to the continuous cultivation of talents can make an enterprise full of vitality and vitality.

It is the talent training experience that Hegang Wugang Party Committee explored during the epidemic. River steel WuGang new crown pneumonia (organization) according to human resources to reduce personnel gathered during the period of epidemic prevention and control requirements, at the same time to ensure that staff training learning during the outbreak is not stagnant, practical, innovative ideas, in the automation department support, completed the "Internet + training" online learning platform of video training and running. Plate contains a video training cadres improve online learning platform, basic management, safety management, quality management and various professional skills such as 12 categories nearly 190 training video, added new for staff education and training work, has injected new content, effectively reduce the staff gathered themselves together, and relieves the engineering conflict. People can easily watch training videos and courseware through mobile phones or computers, and learn independently. River steel WuGang human resources department (organization) also organization internal lecturer, combined with the actual, we will further improve the video training course, at the same time docking "Internet + skills training" advantage resources in henan province, and gradually formed the company features online training system, for the river steel WuGang "full ZhiLiangNian" made solid progress provides a strong support.

April 2, according to the provincial Party Committee Organization Department "on the in-depth development of the Party's fifth Plenary session of the fifth Plenary session of the spirit of the Notice" and the group company "He Steel Group study and implement the Party's fifth Plenary session of the fifth Plenary session of the spirit of the special education and training arrangement" relevant requirements, Human Resources (Organization) Department issued the "special education and training Arrangement for Wugang Company of HEsteel Group to learn and implement the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee". To study and implement the party's spirit of the fifth plenary session of the 19 special education training as an important political task, strengthen organizational leadership, set up the river steel group spirit of the fifth plenary session of the middle-level cadres to study and implement the party's 19 special training course - river steel WuGang class, organization of more than 130 middle managers and units, a comprehensive network in hebei cadre institute, director of the office We will complete all educational and training tasks with high quality according to time and standards, and ensure that special education and training programs achieve solid results.

Immersive, broaden the horizon, with new thinking for the growth of young cadres to plug in the wings of take-off

Time goes back to December 21, 2020 at 9:00 a.m., a group of 20 young cadres of Hegang Wugang learning and investigation team, under the unified organization of Hegang Wugang Party Committee, set foot on the trip to Hegang advanced enterprises to study.

In five days, our young cadres to learn study successively to river tanggang high strength automobile steel plate company and tangshan hot-rolled coil, the new factory, hangang river steel mills, abrasion, medium plate plant, new materials manufacturing center in the north river steel line 6, Qingdao haier central air-conditioning interconnected factory tour of many advanced production lines, deep research into the study, communicate with relevant personnel to carry out the standard, Deep experience and experience advanced scientific management concepts and management methods.

In the East China R&D center of HEsteel New Materials, you can see the advanced R&D facilities of Hesteel Group and feel its free and open R&D atmosphere. In Hegang Tang Steel high-strength automobile plate production line, appreciate the highly automated intelligent production workshop style; In Qingdao Haier Central Air Conditioning Interconnection factory, I learned that Haier has rapidly grown into a global home appliance giant from a small company on the verge of bankruptcy with successive years of losses. High standard management philosophy is an important source to support its continuous development...

Through learning investigation, young cadres realize that to keep a strong sense of crisis, with the new standard, new thinking, new vision, new heights to re-examine ourselves, change train of thought, change idea, enhance the level of 6 s management and equipment upgrades to improve, through their own efforts to innovation, and push the work to a new height, Make contributions to the enterprise and realize the value of their own life.

Fruitful achievements, in the whole country celebrate the 100th anniversary of the communist party of China, river steel WuGang party committee set the stage, innovation mode, committed to build loyalty clean as high-caliber cadres, the masses of party members and cadres with a new vision of the new standard of new highly advance work, cohesion "a persistence, two ascension and fast and good development" work advocate tone, To present the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party with outstanding achievements. (Zhang Peijun)

Love female workers warm half the sky

In order to care for the physical and mental health of female workers, and further do a good job of union service and care for female workers, since late September, Hegang Wugang union carried out the "your health I care" female workers care action, the organization of the company's 20 units of more than 5100 (including retirement) female workers for health examination.

Set up the stage of innovation to fill the driving force of enterprise development

Economic globalization makes enterprises face the fierce competition from the global market, and this competition is the competition of talents in the final analysis. It has become an important magic weapon for enterprises to cultivate core competitiveness to train the talents of relevant positions in a planned way.

General rules for students of Wugang of Hegang Group

Wugang Company of Hegang Group is the first production and scientific research base of broad and thick steel plates in China, which is the important substitution base of domestic import of broad and thick steel plates, located in Wugang city, Pingdingshan city of Henan province.

Wuyang new steel plate Co., LTD. Tempering heat treatment production line project completion environmental protection self-acceptance publicity

Wuyang new steel plate Co., LTD. Tempering heat treatment production line project completion environmental protection self-acceptance publicity

Coagulation and cohesion to jointly fight against the epidemic

In the summer of 2022, COVID-19 outbreaks spread across many parts of the country, putting medical workers once again at the forefront of the fight against the epidemic. Fight the heat, fight tired, give up the small home, for everyone, where there is a need to go to where

Hegang Wugang Party Committee for workers and workers masses to do practical things

Design and use new step ladder. Starting from the details, the Party Committee of the Ministry of Transport arranged specials to count the dining intentions of the workers on duty in the two steel plate storage and transportation areas every day, and sent lunch and dinner to the posts