The second rolling mill plays the efficiency improvement trilogy



In 2021, the second rolling steel WuGang arrangement deployment according to the river, to seize market opportunities, enhance the consciousness of the overall situation, have the courage to bear, as actively, in order to benefit maximization as the guidance, strengthen the cohesion, internal process to shorten the production cycle, improve resource output efficiency, improve the level of lean production, promote the production and business operation to achieve new breakthroughs.

To carry out hot charging and heat transfer of billet, and lay a solid foundation for further improving efficiency. Since the second steel rolling reheating furnace was put into operation, due to less planned maintenance times and short maintenance time, the deterioration tendency of furnace condition was serious. With the great increase of the production of medium and thick plate production line, the problem of insufficient heating capacity became more and more apparent, and the mill was often stopped due to the billet waiting for heating, which seriously affected the normal production of the plant. How to solve the bottleneck problem of insufficient heating capacity of heating furnace under the condition of existing equipment? Therefore, the factory focuses on the steel rolling area and vigorously develops the hot charging and heat sending of billets. The key team first determines the types of steel that can realize heat delivery, organizes the relevant personnel in the operation area (management office) and production unit to sort out the heat delivery and heat charging procedures, defines their respective responsibilities, and arranges special personnel to implement related problems item by item. At the same time, before each heat delivery, the key team will hold a meeting to confirm the preparation work on the site of heat delivery and heat installation, and make clear the furnace number, time, contact person of each process and the general coordinator for the implementation of heat delivery. After the hot delivery, summarize immediately, analyze the problems in the hot delivery, formulate rectification measures, and track and confirm the rectification effect. The key team overcame the difficulties in the process of heat delivery, made a reasonable production organization, and accelerated the development of heat delivery and heat charging. At present, the heat charging rate reached 86.3%, and the gas consumption per ton of steel plate dropped to 520m3, which was the best level in history.

Improve rolling rhythm to maintain high efficiency. In the face of the increasingly prominent "insufficient" capacity problem, the head of the rolling area, Guo Zhiyang, has been thinking about how to further improve the rolling capacity. He organized the operation area technical personnel for discussion, and called for full action, tightly twist the rolling rhythm to enhance the "ox nose", continue to carry out research, to solve the existing problems one by one, step by step, further strengthen the process control, maximize the production capacity of equipment. For example, increase the speed of steel turning roller and rolling, so that the rolling time of each plate is shortened by 2 seconds; The casting distance between each pass is compressed, and the rolling interval of the plate is shortened by 1.5 seconds. Improve the tracking accuracy of the slab position to be rolled, shorten the rolling interval of each plate by 3 seconds, etc. With the implementation of a series of measures, the rolling interval of the production line is continuously shortened and the control level of rolling rhythm is effectively improved.

Strengthen equipment control to promote stable operation. According to the management principle of "stable equipment leads to stable production", Yang Guoshun, the person in charge of the equipment in the steel rolling area, organized the staff to focus on ensuring the stability of the heating furnace, rolling mill and other equipment. Key solving personnel establish special equipment operation management ledger, strengthen the control of equipment operation status, and provide stable equipment support for the continuous improvement of output.

In 2021, the second rolling mill grasped the nettle and made every effort to improve the rolling rhythm. From January to November, a total of 1.64 million tons of steel plate was rolled out, exceeding the planned target. The four horizontal shifts in the steel rolling operation area dig deep potential, catch up with each other, and try to improve efficiency and reduce ineffective output. At present, the equipment capacity of the plant is fully brought into play, all kinds of faults are gradually reduced, the operation rate is steadily increased, and the good state of stable and high production is maintained. In November, the factory broke another monthly production record, rolling out 164,800 tons of steel. In December, THE FACTORY WILL continue to summarize experience, improve deficiencies, do a good job in the annual production target sprint, for the company to achieve "sound and rapid development" to provide more strong support.

Love female workers warm half the sky

In order to care for the physical and mental health of female workers, and further do a good job of union service and care for female workers, since late September, Hegang Wugang union carried out the "your health I care" female workers care action, the organization of the company's 20 units of more than 5100 (including retirement) female workers for health examination.

Set up the stage of innovation to fill the driving force of enterprise development

Economic globalization makes enterprises face the fierce competition from the global market, and this competition is the competition of talents in the final analysis. It has become an important magic weapon for enterprises to cultivate core competitiveness to train the talents of relevant positions in a planned way.

General rules for students of Wugang of Hegang Group

Wugang Company of Hegang Group is the first production and scientific research base of broad and thick steel plates in China, which is the important substitution base of domestic import of broad and thick steel plates, located in Wugang city, Pingdingshan city of Henan province.

Wuyang new steel plate Co., LTD. Tempering heat treatment production line project completion environmental protection self-acceptance publicity

Wuyang new steel plate Co., LTD. Tempering heat treatment production line project completion environmental protection self-acceptance publicity

Coagulation and cohesion to jointly fight against the epidemic

In the summer of 2022, COVID-19 outbreaks spread across many parts of the country, putting medical workers once again at the forefront of the fight against the epidemic. Fight the heat, fight tired, give up the small home, for everyone, where there is a need to go to where

Hegang Wugang Party Committee for workers and workers masses to do practical things

Design and use new step ladder. Starting from the details, the Party Committee of the Ministry of Transport arranged specials to count the dining intentions of the workers on duty in the two steel plate storage and transportation areas every day, and sent lunch and dinner to the posts