The company's 12,000 tons of high-end bridge steel for Jingwei River bridge key parts



The company's 12,000 tons of high-end bridge steel for Jingwei River bridge key parts

On July 21, 3000 tons of high-end bridge steel from Wugang of HEsteel Group was delivered to Weinan and other places. In this contract with a total amount of more than 9000 tons, Q345qD and Q370qE, two brands of high-end bridge steel produced by the company, will be used in key parts of Jinghe Bridge of Xi 'an Metro Line 10. In addition to the more than 3,000 tons of bridge steel used for the Weihe River bridge, Wugang Company has a total of 12,000 tons of high-end bridge steel used for the key parts of the Jingwei River bridge jointly built by public rail.

Xi 'an Metro Line 10 is the northeast urban rail transit line across the Weihe River in the periphery of the main urban area of Xi 'an. On this line, Xi 'an's first road and subway track bridge project is under construction -- the Jingwei River Bridge (including Weihe River Bridge, Jinghe River Bridge and Jingwei Station). On the upper level of the Hejianqiao Bridge, a two-way six-lane urban expressway with an speed of 80 km/h will be arranged to connect Gangwu West Road of the International Port District and Tourist Avenue of Gaoling District, with conditions reserved for connecting the water road interchange and northward extension; The lower level is equipped with two-way subway, two-way four-lane, 40km/h urban auxiliary road and slow driving system. The total investment of the rail joint construction project is about 5.036 billion yuan. After the completion of the bridge, you only need to take Line 10 to enjoy the scenery of the Ba River, Wei River and Jing River.

Wugang company to major engineering steel localization has been, is committed to the bridge engineering with wide and thick steel plate research and development, scientific research team relying on long-term unremitting technology accumulation, fully mining can adapt to the current company rolling and cooling equipment process parameters, to adapt to local conditions, constantly promote product iteration and upgrading. Previously, in view of the special technical requirements of high extensibility, high weldability and other high grade bridge steel plate such as Q370qE ~ Q500qE of Weihe bridge, the company actively coordinated the science and technology, production and other departments, and strongly promoted the technology and process. The technical research and development team gives full play to its own technical advantages, solves scientific and technological problems in view of technical difficulties, adopts precise composition design, with the exclusive process of TMCP+ tempering, and finally ensures that the quality indicators of bridge steel fully meet the special requirements of customers. In the bidding for Jinghe Bridge steel organized by the customer, with good reputation and excellent product quality, the company won the contract of 9,000 tons of high-end bridge steel again.

Love female workers warm half the sky

In order to care for the physical and mental health of female workers, and further do a good job of union service and care for female workers, since late September, Hegang Wugang union carried out the "your health I care" female workers care action, the organization of the company's 20 units of more than 5100 (including retirement) female workers for health examination.

Set up the stage of innovation to fill the driving force of enterprise development

Economic globalization makes enterprises face the fierce competition from the global market, and this competition is the competition of talents in the final analysis. It has become an important magic weapon for enterprises to cultivate core competitiveness to train the talents of relevant positions in a planned way.

General rules for students of Wugang of Hegang Group

Wugang Company of Hegang Group is the first production and scientific research base of broad and thick steel plates in China, which is the important substitution base of domestic import of broad and thick steel plates, located in Wugang city, Pingdingshan city of Henan province.

Wuyang new steel plate Co., LTD. Tempering heat treatment production line project completion environmental protection self-acceptance publicity

Wuyang new steel plate Co., LTD. Tempering heat treatment production line project completion environmental protection self-acceptance publicity

Coagulation and cohesion to jointly fight against the epidemic

In the summer of 2022, COVID-19 outbreaks spread across many parts of the country, putting medical workers once again at the forefront of the fight against the epidemic. Fight the heat, fight tired, give up the small home, for everyone, where there is a need to go to where

Hegang Wugang Party Committee for workers and workers masses to do practical things

Design and use new step ladder. Starting from the details, the Party Committee of the Ministry of Transport arranged specials to count the dining intentions of the workers on duty in the two steel plate storage and transportation areas every day, and sent lunch and dinner to the posts