Hegang Wugang Party Committee held 2022 annual "two excellent and one first" commendation meeting and company mid-year work



Hegang Wugang Party Committee held 2022 annual "two excellent and one first" commendation meeting and company mid-year work

On the morning of July 1st, Hegang Wugang Party Committee 2022 annual "Two Outstanding and One First" Commendation meeting and the company's mid-year work meeting was held in the conference room on the third floor of the company's exhibition center. The meeting carried out the spirit of "July 1" and "Two Excellent and One First" commendation symposium of the Group, reviewed and summarized the company's work in the first half of the year, arranged and deployed the next step, and commended the outstanding Communist Party members, outstanding Party affairs workers and advanced grassroots Party organizations that emerged in the company's Party building and production and operation activities. River steel WuGang party secretary, chairman jian-chao li stressed that want to work in accordance with the group company overall deployment, based on the new stage in the development of technology upgrading, to strengthen the party leading, condenses all together, carry forward the great spirit of the founding, with one hundred times the confidence and strong will to fight, more determined to go the way of sound and rapid development, with excellent grades to meet the victory at the party's twenty.

 Party organizations at all levels and Party members of the company give full play to the role of battle fortress, pioneer and model, strive to be the first, overcome difficulties, and provide a strong organizational guarantee for promoting the good and fast development of the company. Since the beginning of this year, in the face of a century of changes in the world and a century of COVID-19, economic globalization has encountered a grim situation of countercurrent. Party members and all staff members have effectively coordinated epidemic prevention and control and achieved sound and rapid development, vigorously promoted technological progress, implemented structural adjustment and product upgrading, and made new breakthroughs in production and operation. In the first half of the year, iron production, steel production and steel plate production increased by 31.9%, 10.9% and 10.4%, respectively, and the operating revenue increased by 19%.

Li Jianchao stressed, to emancipate the mind, to the standard first-class, with more firm determination and more pragmatic action, unswervingly walk a good and fast road, with outstanding results to meet the Party's twenty major victories held. Party members and cadres at all levels should change their style of work, pay close attention to implementation, and pay close attention to the implementation of tasks with finer management and a more rigorous attitude. Officials at all levels should bear in mind their original mission, always maintain strong morale and good style, and always maintain the tenacity and execution ability to get to the end. We should promote technological upgrading, lead by science and technology, and accelerate the building of new comparative advantages with more cutting-edge standards and higher goals. To strengthen the party building lead, cohesion, with more powerful measures and more efficient service, lead all cadres and workers to promote the river steel Wugang good and fast development efforts. We should vigorously promote the "six re-promotion", adhere to the Party's overall leadership with a clear stance, promote high-level Party building with pragmatic measures, vigorously promote the Party's political advantages into development advantages, better lead and promote the company's high-quality development, and meet the Party's twenty victories with outstanding results.

Zhao Guochang, general manager of HEgang Wugang, summarized the first half of the company's work and arranged the deployment of the second half of the work.

Zhao Guochang pointed out that the second half of the year to go all out, fine management, pay close attention to implementation, improvement and promotion, resolutely complete the annual target task, for the company to achieve sound and rapid development of contribution. First, we will reduce costs and increase efficiency. Second, we need to improve quality and efficiency. Third, to strengthen the production line support. Fourth, we must do a good job in safety and environmental protection.

Other leaders of HEgang Wugang Li Jie, Gao Zhen, Yin Guojun, Hu Jun, Wang Baowei, Zhang Huajun, Long Jie, Liu Jianlei, Zhu Xinwang attended the meeting and presented awards.

Hegang Wugang Party Committee Standing Committee, vice general manager Li Jie read the decision to commend.

Hu Jun, deputy secretary of the Wugang Party Committee chaired the meeting.

The conference awarded prizes to 10 advanced Party committees (general branch) such as the sales branch, 8 Red Flag Party branches such as the Second Branch of Scientific Research and Development of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and 10 model Communist Party members such as Du Jincheng, the first level sales manager of the sales branch Shanghai Office.

Sales branch Zhang Chenguang, purchasing branch Liu Qingmin, two rolling steel Zhang Qiyuan on behalf of sales, procurement, production units to make a statement. (week)

Love female workers warm half the sky

In order to care for the physical and mental health of female workers, and further do a good job of union service and care for female workers, since late September, Hegang Wugang union carried out the "your health I care" female workers care action, the organization of the company's 20 units of more than 5100 (including retirement) female workers for health examination.

Set up the stage of innovation to fill the driving force of enterprise development

Economic globalization makes enterprises face the fierce competition from the global market, and this competition is the competition of talents in the final analysis. It has become an important magic weapon for enterprises to cultivate core competitiveness to train the talents of relevant positions in a planned way.

General rules for students of Wugang of Hegang Group

Wugang Company of Hegang Group is the first production and scientific research base of broad and thick steel plates in China, which is the important substitution base of domestic import of broad and thick steel plates, located in Wugang city, Pingdingshan city of Henan province.

Wuyang new steel plate Co., LTD. Tempering heat treatment production line project completion environmental protection self-acceptance publicity

Wuyang new steel plate Co., LTD. Tempering heat treatment production line project completion environmental protection self-acceptance publicity

Coagulation and cohesion to jointly fight against the epidemic

In the summer of 2022, COVID-19 outbreaks spread across many parts of the country, putting medical workers once again at the forefront of the fight against the epidemic. Fight the heat, fight tired, give up the small home, for everyone, where there is a need to go to where

Hegang Wugang Party Committee for workers and workers masses to do practical things

Design and use new step ladder. Starting from the details, the Party Committee of the Ministry of Transport arranged specials to count the dining intentions of the workers on duty in the two steel plate storage and transportation areas every day, and sent lunch and dinner to the posts