Wugang 9Ni steel plate by the Japanese Classification Society certification inspection



Wugang 9Ni steel plate by the Japanese Classification Society certification inspection

On August 5, He Steel Group Wugang Company research and development of Marine ultra-low temperature toughness steel 9Ni steel successfully passed the Japanese classification society certification inspection, to enter the Japanese market "pass", marking the Wugang company in the 9Ni steel market development field to achieve a new breakthrough.

With the country's increasingly strict requirements on environmental protection, ships need cleaner power systems for transportation. Therefore, the demand for more environmentally friendly LNG powered ships is gradually increasing. 9Ni steel plate, as the steel used in the preparation of LNG storage tanks, will be widely used in the production and manufacturing of LNG powered ships. Wugang Company to promote the optimization of "two structures", aiming at high-end customers and frontier market demand, in-depth docking of national key projects, give full play to their own technology leading advantages in the field of ultra-low temperature steel, and vigorously develop high-level materials. WuGang company before 9 ni steel has won seven classification society such as CCS, ABS, DNV certification, and at the same time made ASTMA553 accredited by the American bureau of shipping/ASMESA553 EN10028 three standard production certification. In order to further expand the market of 9Ni steel plate, expand the order quantity, Wugang company urgently needs to expand the scope of classification society certification.

Japan Classification Society for steel plate requirements and related materials audit has always been known for strict. To ensure the smooth by the classification society certification in Japan, in the process of research and development, WuGang company strengthen technology upgrading, innovative design of the system of steel composition, bold use of new steelmaking, steel rolling process, the futures nickel steel at low temperature in a number of common technical problems in the process of smelting and rolling, to ensure that more than 6000 metric tons of 9 ni steel plate inspection qualified rate reached <i class="hili hili-9">100%</i>. In the certification process, Wugang company to give full play to technical advantages, the first field simulation certification, in advance of the certification process may appear in a variety of problems to solve the coordination, for high quality, high efficiency through the Japanese classification society certification inspection to provide a powerful technical support.

Love female workers warm half the sky

In order to care for the physical and mental health of female workers, and further do a good job of union service and care for female workers, since late September, Hegang Wugang union carried out the "your health I care" female workers care action, the organization of the company's 20 units of more than 5100 (including retirement) female workers for health examination.

Set up the stage of innovation to fill the driving force of enterprise development

Economic globalization makes enterprises face the fierce competition from the global market, and this competition is the competition of talents in the final analysis. It has become an important magic weapon for enterprises to cultivate core competitiveness to train the talents of relevant positions in a planned way.

General rules for students of Wugang of Hegang Group

Wugang Company of Hegang Group is the first production and scientific research base of broad and thick steel plates in China, which is the important substitution base of domestic import of broad and thick steel plates, located in Wugang city, Pingdingshan city of Henan province.

Wuyang new steel plate Co., LTD. Tempering heat treatment production line project completion environmental protection self-acceptance publicity

Wuyang new steel plate Co., LTD. Tempering heat treatment production line project completion environmental protection self-acceptance publicity

Coagulation and cohesion to jointly fight against the epidemic

In the summer of 2022, COVID-19 outbreaks spread across many parts of the country, putting medical workers once again at the forefront of the fight against the epidemic. Fight the heat, fight tired, give up the small home, for everyone, where there is a need to go to where

Hegang Wugang Party Committee for workers and workers masses to do practical things

Design and use new step ladder. Starting from the details, the Party Committee of the Ministry of Transport arranged specials to count the dining intentions of the workers on duty in the two steel plate storage and transportation areas every day, and sent lunch and dinner to the posts