Group leaders met with the French president, global metallurgical Fives • The t-Hua Jia Jie


  January 13, Group Chairman Yu Yong met at the headquarters of the Group global metallurgical president of the French Fives t-Hua line. Group Vice President Wang Xindong attended the meeting.

  Yu Yong welcomed the arrival of the guests. He said that all along, and has between Hegang Fives good interaction and communication, both profound friendship and good cooperation foundation. Fives one of the world's top manufacturing companies, the contribution made by the world steel industry for all to see, the river is very concerned about the steel Fives development. River Steel is committed to building the most competitive steel companies, through restructuring, transformation and development, reform and innovation, internationalization strategy implementation, etc. and improve their overall competitive strength. Facing the future, we hope Fives in providing quality products for the steel river, while providing a more systematic project solutions and technical services. Hegang will strengthen cooperation between Fives and deeper, to achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation.

  The t-Hua said that in the current tough market conditions, Hegang to achieve rapid and healthy development of enterprises, remarkable achievements and exciting. In particular the work done in Hegang green development internationalization strategy worth learning. Fives are very willing to cooperate with Hegang, create green manufacturing business models in the world. Fives steel demand will follow the river, with more quality products, more advanced concepts and better services, help Hegang development.

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