Group leaders working overseas meeting stressed a clear responsibility to put the location to do the main force of international Hegang


  January 12, the group held overseas work conference, summed up 2015 sector overseas operations, arrangements for the 2016 priorities. Group Chairman Yu Yong stressed that the overseas sector should further clarify responsibilities, straightened position, improve their own importance in the Group's development in the future to promote awareness, continue to emancipate the mind, innovation, enhance the ability to make international Hegang main force. Group leader Li Guiyang, Liu Zhen lock attended the meeting.


  Yu Yong first overseas work fully affirmed and highly appraised. He noted that in 2015, international and domestic situation is very severe and complicated year, but also the Group's overall production and operation under great pressure year. In this case, the Group's overseas work showing a good rise. Mainly reflected in: the face of complex domestic and international market environment, the overseas development of health sector, and improve profitability in a difficult situation still achieved very substantial economic benefits for the Group's overall production and management made an important contribution; overseas business as a whole fast forward, becoming more and more standardized, more mature, overseas team showing Iron man unique strong dedication and sense of responsibility, able to work creatively, highlights a river of steel iron and steel industry based overseas a strong ability to adapt to the team has, identity change and learning ability, showing Chinese enterprises to international companies the ability to control and ability to adapt to the international environment; capacity building overseas team quickly into the role quickly, more and more professional, whether it is business entities, or financial, trade, finance and other enterprises, all in different industries, professional level and actively implement identity change, we can make full use of cutting-edge platform and a favorable external environment, relying on team strength dry out very good performance; overseas Group's overall business sector is increasingly becoming a strong support, especially in the group steel plate troubled period, overseas sector on the one hand to achieve a better level of efficiency, on the other hand became the Group's global strategy to promote the bridgehead and the vanguard of great enhance the effectiveness of the Group's brand and business value overseas.

  Yu Yong on the next plate work overseas, requested from four aspects. First, we must clarify responsibilities, straightened position, and further improve their awareness of the importance of promoting the development of the Group in the future. With the advance of the Group of global business strategic positioning and establishment of international strategy, development of overseas business segment rapidly growing, increasingly important role. Group of the upper and lower plates to overseas attention, attaches great importance to promoting overseas strategy, not just the need to improve the Group's overall production and operation, but also to ensure sustained and healthy development of the practical needs of enterprises, but also to accelerate the Group's overseas distribution, to enhance the international development competitive strategy requires. Overseas business segments must be based on the group responsible for group strategy and responsible attitude to ensure the healthy development of their own, to ensure the smooth realization of the Group's overseas strategic objectives. Second, we must improve the quality of capacity, strengthen personnel training and strive to build a training base group of international talents. Offshore team by strengthening in-depth study of business and learning and improve the ability to control foreign operations, ability to learn and adapt, to interpret the depth of overseas companies deep cultural ideas, learn from good nutrition. Meanwhile, in the full use of its own conditions, while also focusing on the high-end sector of overseas personnel training and the introduction of a global enterprise group building stock more international talent. Third, we must enhance learning, advantages, and improve the ability to dominate the region. The one hand to acquire companies overseas to learn from their mature management experience, and constantly improve the management level; on the other hand would like to learn on the standard of advanced domestic and foreign enterprises from other advanced practices and successful experiences, and continue to find new Group's overseas operations room for improvement. To give full play to the advantages of volume and brand Hegang attract, have more social quality resources, the formation of new river steel Chuangxiao point. Fourth, we must emancipate our minds, innovation, promote the available resources to achieve a higher level of efficiency. Many overseas business for Hegang is new content, overseas team must not ideologically rigid, self-enclosed, and to continue to emancipate the mind, broaden their horizons, develop ideas, full of vigor, boldly and actively work to form more latecomer advantages to ensure that the overseas sector jobs every year, new initiatives, new progress every year, every year, new discoveries and improve resource Chuangxiao ability to provide strong support for the development of the Group.

  Yu Yong stressed that the overseas business segment is the Group's operations constitute an important sector, the whole group must fully support the work of the overseas sector, to heart, to pay attention, to improve efficiency, the process should give top priority to the issue of overseas business, the Group overseas business development provides a good environment. To be more understanding, more caring, more help, let overseas comrades feel enough stamina, there is support.

  Yong stressed that in 2016 the Group is to achieve "three-step" development goals crucial year, but also the implementation of the start of the "Thirteen Five Year Plan", the group is facing difficulties of business development, we are also facing a major historical opportunity. The past two years, the group up and down hard work, effective work, tremendous progress, although companies are still not out of the woods, but the ability to adapt to the river of steel and self-control ability has been greatly improved, and development context has become increasingly clear path to future growth , every river steel can confidently say that Hegang is out of the woods. The overseas business is the group out of the woods, to achieve greater development in the future new support. Group is pleased to see that the Group's overseas business development faster and faster, more and more teams capable, by our own culture to grow more and more international personnel. We believe that the strong support of all aspects of the Group, the offshore team will be more mature, more capacity will be stronger. In the predictable "Thirteen Five", the Group's overseas operations and globalization strategy will achieve greater development. Hegang will truly become a global enterprise, into an international river steel. The main force to achieve this objectives, it is the Group's overseas business segments.

  Li Guiyang presided over the meeting. He asked all units in particular the overseas companies should conscientiously implement the spirit of the speech to Yong, chairman to the conference as an opportunity to close around the Group's overseas development strategy to accelerate the pace of overseas development, for the group as soon as possible into the most competitive strength steel companies to make new and greater contributions.

  Some overseas companies and investment management group portions reported in 2015 and 2016. The main work of the organization of work.

  Also attending the meeting: group director, department heads, each sub-group headquarters in the main branch leaders, the Overseas Group of Companies, the preparatory group responsible comrades and related business personnel.

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