Implementing the company's second session of the third congress of the spirit of the series reviews


  Confidence clear objectives closely linked to the center to implement the plan

  To create the most competitive heavy plate leading enterprises and strive

  - Implementing the company's second session of the third congress of the spirit of the series reviews

  January 8, the company was successfully concluded second session of the third congress. Group meeting on the implementation of the next five congress spirit, grasp the full year of work made arrangements for picking up the banner of the Chinese first plate, heavy plate to create the most competitive leader pointed out the direction. New starting point, a new journey, a new hope. Cadres and workers to strengthen their confidence, clear objectives, closely linked to the center, implement the plan, to ensure that full-year target to achieve, to create the most competitive leader in heavy plate and work hard!

  Since last year's fourth quarter, a considerable part of the domestic iron and steel enterprises have been discontinued or reduced, "winter" in the true sense of the steel industry has come. In this regard, we have a clear understanding, maintain a high level of alert, while enhancing a sense of crisis and urgency, firm determination and confidence contrarian breakthrough: the central economic work conference, the supply-side structural reforms and introduced to help companies " and reduce costs, "a series of initiatives, we will be out of the plight of the industry to create a favorable external conditions; the company is supported by our strong backing; recently breakthroughs in structural adjustment, product development, production organization to us to lay a solid foundation; further enhance research and development capabilities and further improve customer service mechanism is our market development tool; increasing brand influence will further enhance our market competitiveness; create legendary good team is our fundamental breakthrough contrarian Guarantee. Therefore, as long as the company conscientiously implement the spirit of congress Group, the company the full implementation of the decisions and arrangements, vigorously carry forward the outstanding culture, we will be able to buck the trend of development in the market, "winter", seize the opportunity, seize victory. We must reinforce the belief that: "As long as there are iron and steel industries in the world, we have the river Wugang steel."

  Confidence is an important prerequisite for solid work is the fundamental guarantee. "Road although Wani, no not to; small things, not fragmentation." Even the best goal of the measures even the best, if not the letter, it was only in the air. We should "idea" to "view", the "view" to "practice." Not only do we need to do to do meticulous precision. To "dry" putting the word, as the initiative: or the courage to play, innovation management; or meticulous service, open up the market; or the front line, to solve the problem; or our posts, precise operation ......

  The annual total production business objectives, building the most competitive leader in heavy plate, to be continued to strengthen market awareness, the customer service level. Terminal is king, winning services. To provide quality services to achieve integrated steelmakers to change service providers, is the key to our win market and users. Therefore, we must continue to improve and perfect marketing and management innovation and leadership team, key account manager system operational mechanism, customer service support team and customer service center four in one, and a large customer manager system as the starting point, all-round butt end customers, full strengthen market awareness, forming a "guarantee customer sales, production and sale of security," a lively situation. By working together, to ensure that the contract structure optimization, contract volume and unit price steadily.

  The annual total production business objectives, building the most competitive leader in heavy plate, to be accelerating product development, optimize the structure increased support. Our leading products is picking up "the first Chinese board banner" necessary, but also the fundamental guarantee to optimize the structure, it is an important way to increase efficiency. To this end, the company has improved the management and incentives of new product development and production of species difficult to dry. We must resolutely fight the innovative "first" and "only" faith, to establish "as long as the market needs, can not do without our products," the ambition. Accelerate new product development and production application, the courage to undertake the contract and thus difficult to dry varieties Forced internal capacity building to ensure that sales of new products throughout the year to complete the task.

  The annual total production business objectives, building the most competitive leader in heavy plate, to be constantly propulsion system optimization, cost reduction does not stop. Cost efficiency is the eternal theme, the key is to establish a generalized cost and system optimization concept must not be at the expense of product quality at the expense of lower costs. Through lean management, allocation of resources, cooperation, internal division of labor, logistics improvements, process improvements, restructuring and other aspects of system optimization, to achieve the purpose of tapping the potential synergies, low cost and high quality best fit. Therefore, we should conscientiously implement the deployment of the company, effectively enhance economic ironmaking, steelmaking lean, fine steel rolling, efficient use of energy, optimizing logistics and other work to improve the company's cost competitiveness.

  Overall, the annual production and operation of the overall goal of building the most competitive leader in heavy plate, we need to give prominence to the "market" and "product" two major themes, efforts to promote "marketing innovation, new product development, production line support, tapping the potential synergies, financial management and control, green manufacturing, non-steel invigorate, staff service, team building, "the work of nine. As long as we follow the group and the company deployed Puxiashenzai, solid work, our goal will be achieved.

  Year embark on a new journey, urgent reminder of war drums Endeavour. The face of difficulties and challenges, we need to unite and make concerted efforts, the difficulties, to overcome the bumpy road.

  Rainbow after the storm, tidal shore it is wide. We have the confidence and the ability to create a new legend. We firmly believe that the river of steel Wugang tomorrow will be even better!

  Hegang Wugang, come on!

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