Energy research center more beating the drums of war


  January 7, Energy Center of energy-saving technology research department provided BPRT December 2015 summary display materials, through research, BPRT The monthly total air volume 120,829,469 cubic meters, power consumption 5,149,080 kwh; TRT effective operation this month 31 days TRT consumption during commissioning 426.14 kwh / million cubic meters monthly saving of more than 3.5 million kWh. A staff member of the Centre Technology Section, said technical problems in 2015 had a greater benefit, do BPRT in 2016 on the basis of energy conservation, the center again increase and stable operation of the new year as a key project indicators. Research work was kicked off the first day of the New Year.

  By 2015, the energy center to resolve outstanding problems and weaknesses to focus and carry out short board eliminating defects and bottlenecks special research breakthroughs, we established a security twenty thousand cubic meters oxygen system running conditions, stable closed loop processing technology, and other seven research topics group, vigorously carry out research, 27.2027 million yuan to complete the annual difference between labor, tapping 261,200 yuan.

  Enter 2016, the Centre in the previous year are summarized on the basis of research results, starting from January 1 have been carried out twenty thousand cubic meters oxygen stable operation research, BPRT stability of the system of research and electronic instrumentation and control equipment safe and stable operation of research and other work, the purpose is through scientific management, improve equipment safe and stable operation factor, in order to achieve a continuous supply of energy media, production and operation of comprehensive efficiency to meet the company needs to achieve production of "zero impact" on the subject plant.

  Energy research Centre of the new year program, which provides complete monthly overall objective research, each research team reward of 2,500 yuan, according to the division of responsibilities meter individual award prize award 70% of the primary responsibility, secondary liability award 30%. To discover hidden and timely reporting handlers reward 100 yuan -500 per month. Technological innovation, work innovation award 100-500 yuan per month.

  Since the new year to carry out research activities, three research groups were established research objectives and measures. Electrical instrumentation and control equipment safe and stable operation of the research group to twenty thousand cubic meters oxygen high and low voltage electrical, DCS system, BPRT high and low voltage electrical, PLC system, 25T gas boiler, 22T gas boiler, 16T gas boiler and electrical instrumentation and control all water pumping inverter as a major key points are listed monthly research topics, organized the first seminar research topics. Twenty thousand cubic meters oxygen system, BPRT stability of the system two research groups fix the main issue, to convene a brief meeting a week to study and solve related problems. Monthly summary will organize a general research, research on the situation analysis, evaluation, and research arrangements for the work next month. Two teams each week to determine a research topic, the week of research topics assigned last week to study summarizes key research topics and determine next week.

  The Centre research program in addition to the reward system, and strict assessment mechanism. The overall objective may not be able to fulfill the research award, responsible for research and equipment accidents produced some impact rejected all research award. Research equipment accident did not affect the company's production, according to the research team equipment division, team leader buckle 300 yuan -1000 yuan, buckle responsible daily work unfinished 50-200 yuan.

  In order to ensure effective work to achieve tangible results, the center of each plant-level research by competent leadership headed, and as a major commitment by each packet system equipment, the primary responsibility in the event of equipment failure.

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