New Year's Message


  New Year's Message

  Company chairman and managing Deng Jianjun

  The majority of employees, employees' families, the community and friends:

  The new year is coming to us. On this festive occasion, on behalf of the company, company party, to a year of hard work in various positions cadres and workers to pay tribute and New Year greetings to have been concerned about and support the development of the majority of the families of company employees, friends and the community to extend my sincere thanks!

  Soon to be over in 2015, the company is difficult forward, struggling to forge ahead of the year. Over the past year, the face of the steel reduction depth adjustment, steel prices dropped to the lowest point in 20 years of tremendous pressure, the company is implementing the Group deployment, promote structural adjustment, marketing transformation, system optimization, the work has undergone great changes . Founded marketing innovation leadership team, key account manager system to promote, strengthen production line support services, marketing leader raised his powerful, significantly enhanced product appeal. High-end boutique firm Road to the needs of high-end production line Forced upgrades, petrochemical steel, high-strength steel and hydropower, marine steel create a number of new "first" and "only" structural adjustment accelerate the upgrade. The full establishment of the new Steel rolling balance, dramatically reducing the company's energy costs. Production line for standard depth, tapping the potential synergies made new progress, non-steel development. On Baigezhengliu heavy plate market, Hegang Wugang has taken a robust pace, once again called out Hegang "Wugang" brand.

  Looking to 2016, we are faced with greater challenges, we must want to tough market conditions to maintain sufficient clear, fully prepared to cope with. At present, the domestic economy continues to adjust the depth, the steel industry is accelerating, "shuffle", "winter" in the true sense has come. We want more in-depth implement the important instructions of the next group of five congress and the 2016 work conference and Yu Yong, chairman of our company work closely around the total annual production and operation objectives, give prominence to the "market "and" product "two major themes, together, carry" the first board banner "to ensure that the company successfully through the winter market, the most competitive in the construction of heavy plate leading companies on the path towards a more solid pace.

  Looking to 2016, we must be firm confidence in victory. We Wugang Steel River is a good person to create the legendary team, we have over 40 years of generous interpretation boards, technical mastery, product positioning, market development, is a valuable asset, any steel enterprises are difficult to surpass unique competitive edge. Especially the recent years, the cadres and workers unite, work hard, uplifting spirit, the work is changing rapidly, production and management company showing vitality. As long as we earnestly implement the good work measures determined by the Group companies to adopt and deployment, outstanding cultural heritage, the company will be able to seize opportunities in the market, "winter", the victory.

  Looking to 2016, we are sure to strengthen the spirit of hard work, focused exclusively focus on improving the work to implement. To further promote the marketing transformation, seamless market, greatly enhance their ability to support the production lines, increase value for our customers and further high sales leader; to deepen structural reforms and speed up new product development, nonstop to create a new "first" "unique", to consolidate and promote the variety and quality advantages; to promote system optimization, lean production, determined to complete the 576 yuan per ton of tapping the potential synergies, and accelerate to enhance cost competitiveness; to control as core capital, strengthen the overall budget management; to put invigorate the principle of open, non-steel to accelerate the development and improve the non-steel industry Chuangxiao ability; to economic and social benefits to the principle of coordinated development, the implementation of cleaner production, green operations and improve safety production, green manufacturing capacity; to adhere to the people-oriented greatly enhance the cohesion and solidarity, and continuously enhance the creativity of the masses of workers.

  Difficulties and challenges are the strong engine, but also the strong beyond the self, to enhance the transformation to enhance the brand, seize the best opportunities for the future. Taping bumpy, Zaizhuhuihuang, we will in the forest of the world's steel capital "River Wugang steel"!

  Let our firm belief, dauntless front row, concentric with the force together to create a river of steel Wugang better tomorrow!

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