Core idea

Core idea

  Enterprise's goal: A leading world-class

  The spirit of enterprise:  Scientific Development pursuit of excellence

  Our Mission:  To serve the country and contributing to society staff achievements reward shareholders

  Core values:  Concentric with the force together to share


Corporate logo

  Hebei Iron and Steel Group is identified by the "Hebei Iron and Steel," the English name HEBEI IRON & STEEL first letter H, B, I, S combination. The overall design reflects the international style, shape and full, upright thick.

  Color design uses molten red and steel gray, reflecting the characteristics of the steel industry.

 Pattern above the red, colorful, symbol of Hebei Iron and Steel Group is full of vigor and vitality, showing broad prospects thriving; the bottom right of gray, plain thick, meaning the Hebei Iron and Steel Group has the iron will and pragmatic quality, implies a strong development of strength.

  Red gray and white rose slash fit together, reflecting the scientific development of Hebei Iron and Steel Group, the pursuit of excellence in entrepreneurial spirit, a symbol of perseverance and progressive Hebei Iron and Steel Group, scaling the heights of ambition.

  Entire identity showing in the steel sector hold high banner, Hebei Iron and Steel Group expressed the courage to take political power in steel construction and social responsibility, Hebei Iron and Steel Group to show the "leading domestic and international first-class" modern iron and steel enterprises strong head forward faith and courage.