Party work

Company board chairman and general manager of Deng Jianjun for my company two old comrades Wang Anbang War veterans, LI Guo-ming wearing medals



Company board chairman and general manager of Deng Jianjun visit condolences to family difficulties workers Students


Party Secretary Li Bingjun visit condolences retired veteran Party member



We held a party to celebrate the 94 anniversary of the company and the "two distinctions and one first" awards ceremony


Company 2014 annual awards ceremony ten most beautiful people Wugang



Wugang Company held ten most beautiful people, the previous model workers on behalf of the forum


Comrade Zheng Jiujiang advanced deeds will be held in Wugang



 Sixth "Hebei Iron and Steel Cup" vocational skills contest a computer programmer for real exam


Twelfth General Assembly on behalf of company employees twice



The company held new members to join the party swearing-in ceremony


The company held a working meeting of Party



Company unions 2014 - fiscal 2015 advanced awards ceremony

Company employees online training activities to promote bi-monthly tournament cum commendation



Company leaders sent congratulatory message sent to a rolling record level award


The company "is fighting the market to overcome difficulties," New Year thousand marathon



Party committee to carry out "party dedicated Day"

We welcome the factory 2012 2011 Outstanding Students cum apprentice commendation