The first project of the company has been approved as a key R&D project in Henan Province




Recently, the Department of Science and Technology of Henan Province issued the Notice on the Initiation of Key R&D Projects in Henan Province in 2022. According to the notice, the project Development and Application of 1300MPa Ultra High Strength Protective Steel Plate of Wuhan Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. was successfully approved by the Department of Science and Technology of Henan Province.
In recent years, Henan Provincial Party Committee and Government have attached great importance to scientific and technological innovation, placing innovation at the core of modernization, and taking the implementation of the strategy of innovation driven, science and education to revitalize the province, and talent to strengthen the province as the first of the "top ten strategies", striving to build a first-class innovation ecology and a national innovation center. The key R&D projects in Henan Province are based on vigorously implementing the innovation driven development strategy, improving the overall efficiency of industrial chain innovation, focusing on the innovation needs of the economic and social development of our province, and carrying out the collaborative innovation of "production, learning, research and use" for the R&D and transformation of key technologies.
This approval for the establishment of key R&D projects in Henan Province is a recognition of Wugang's innovation and R&D capability, which will play a positive role in further exploration and practice of Wugang and stimulate innovation motivation. Wugang will take the approval of key R&D projects in Henan Province as a new starting point, take technological upgrading as the guide, adhere to the working idea of promoting technological progress through scientific and technological innovation, further strengthen the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and make greater contributions to the development and progress of the special steel industry through the innovation and promotion of new products, new technologies and new models.

Dance Steel Plate Helps Sany Heavy Industry to Build "Global Research Highland of Construction Machinery and New Energy

On November 16th, 2700 tons of "WISCO brand" high-quality high-rise structural steel was shipped to customers as scheduled, and was exclusively used in the construction of key parts of Sany's Global Science and Innovation Center project, which helped Sany to build a "construction machinery and new energy global scientific research highland". HSSC DaiSteel has always been a leader in this field.

DISCO's high-end HIC vessel plates are used in key parts of an oil storage tank project in Abu Dhabi

On November 6, the first batch of high-end HIC corrosion-resistant pressure vessel steel plate SA516Gr60N (HIC) produced by HISCO WISCO for Abu Dhabi National Oil Company was loaded and shipped on schedule, and will be used in the key parts of an oil storage tank project in an oil field.

WISCO high-end offshore steel used in key parts of China's first intelligent floating production oil storage and offloading device

October 15, the South China Sea Lufeng 12-3 oil field one-time production success for half a month, the output of the oil flow to complete the relevant processes, a steady flow of oil into the storage and unloading device - "Ocean Oil 123", all parameters remain normal. HISCO Dancing Steel Company developed and produced 170mm thick ultra-high technical requirements of offshore steel to replace imports, used in the oil field floating oil storage vessel key parts of the manufacturing, for the global deep water equipment construction provides a "Chinese program".

Dancing Steel Helps "Western Electricity Sent to the East" Successor Base Major Project Construction

September 22, in the Hesteel Group Dancing Steel Company production line, for the "West to East" successor base of major hydropower projects - Ye Batan Hydropower Station exclusive supply of more than 3,000 tons of steel contracts for the pressure pipe is in an orderly production.

Dance Steel Plate Supports Shanghai Grand Opera House

On September 14th, Li Lei, the marketing staff of HISCO Dance Steel Company, received a phone call from the customer to express his gratitude for the high quality steel plates supplied by Dance Steel for the core area of the Shanghai Grand Opera House project. During the construction of the core area of the project, nearly 1,000 tons of high-quality high-quality steel plates from Dance Steel were used for the construction of tower trusses, hall stage tower elevation and audience hall trusses in its key parts.

Dancing Steel Plate Directly Supplied to Guodian Yunnan Xuanwei Xize Wind Power Project

On August 28, more than 3,000 tons of high-end wind power steel produced by HISCO Dancing Steel for Guodian Power Development Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as Guodian) was successfully sent to the customer, and will be used for tower manufacturing of Xuanwei Xize wind power project in Yunnan. WISCO was highly recognized by the customer for its fast contract delivery and excellent product quality. This customer is also one of the newly developed direct supply customers of WISCO in August.