The party's construction
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The party's construction

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  The construction of the party is not only the belonging concept of the party's work, but also the kind concept of the party's work. It refers to a series of self-improvement activities undertaken by the party to maintain its own nature, including not only the party's work, but also the party's political construction, ideological construction, organizational construction, style construction, discipline construction and system construction. Party building is of vital importance and affects the overall situation. At whatever stage the cause of the party and the people develops, party building must be advanced. This is the basic law that must be grasped to strengthen party building. The party's central, local and grass-roots organizations must all attach great importance to party building, regularly discuss and inspect the party's publicity, education, organizational, discipline inspection, mass work, and united front work, and pay attention to the study of the ideological and political situation inside and outside the party


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