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The core ideas


  Technical advantages

  On December 9, 2000, hesteel wugang production of high quality bridge plate S355N expert evaluation, domestic famous metal materials and metallurgical experts evaluation hesteel wugang: hesteel wugang in the wide and thick plate production has a unique advantage, its software and hardware facilities in the domestic wide and thick plate manufacturers is first-class.

  Specialization advantage

  It has two special and complementary wide and thick plate production lines. 4200mm wide and thick plate production line can produce steel plate thickness up to 700mm. The 4100mm double rack plate production line integrates the world's first-class technology, which is contracted by aosteel united technology co., LTD. The rolling pressure reaches 8600t, and the unit rolling force ranks the first in China.

  With 30 years has been committed to the plate production, scientific research technology, technology, labor accumulation, is incomparable to other manufacturers.

  Steel and pure

  With ultra-high power electric furnace smelting and improve