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The core ideas


  Technical advantages

  On December 9, 2000, hesteel wugang production of high quality bridge plate S355N expert evaluation, domestic famous metal materials and metallurgical experts evaluation hesteel wugang: hesteel wugang in the wide and thick plate production has a unique advantage, its software and hardware facilities in the domestic wide and thick plate manufacturers is first-class.

  Specialization advantage

  It has two special and complementary wide and thick plate production lines. 4200mm wide and thick plate production line can produce steel plate thickness up to 700mm. The 4100mm double rack plate production line integrates the world's first-class technology, which is contracted by aosteel united technology co., LTD. The rolling pressure reaches 8600t, and the unit rolling force ranks the first in China.

  With 30 years has been committed to the plate production, scientific research technology, technology, labor accumulation, is incomparable to other manufacturers.

  Steel and pure

  With ultra-high power electric furnace smelting and improve the furnace refining technology. The refining rate of molten steel furnace is 100% and vacuum degassing refining is 90%. Purity of molten steel: P ≤0.010%, S ≤0.004%, N ≤0.008%, O ≤0.002%, H ≤0.0002%.

  Excellent uniform performance

  Rolling is carried out on the 4200mm wide and thick plate mill with hydraulic AGC automatic thickness control and laser thickness measurement system. The rolling process of oversized ingot and thick slab, controlled rolling and low speed and high pressure cross and cross can ensure sufficient compression ratio, complete deformation and penetration of steel plate, uniform vertical and horizontal performance, and compact internal structure. Production-grade steel plates have properties of A, B, C, D, E and thickness direction Z15, Z25, Z35.

  The internal quality of steel plate is excellent, and the qualified ability of flaw detection is strong

  The steel plate can be manufactured and inspected in accordance with China (JB4730,GB/T2970), the United States (A435, A577, A588), Japan (JISG0801, JISG0901), Germany (SEL072), the United Kingdom (BS5996), France (nfs04-305) and other domestic and foreign inspection standards.

  On behalf of the industry, formulate 6 national standards

  National standard GB/ t5313-2010, national standard GB/ t19879-2005, national standard GB/ t21237-2007, national standard GB/ t24186-2009, national standard GB/ t31945-2015, national standard GB/ t4137-2013, national standard GB/ t3195-2015, national standard GB/ t4137-2013, national standard for steel plate for self-lifting platform pile legs.

  The production of a large number of foreign advanced standards, and the formulation of strict internal control standards

  According to the user requirements, the main foreign standards used are: ASTM, ASME standards, Japan JIS, Germany DIN, British BS, European EN, AS standards in Australia and so on.

  Strong scientific research strength

  The company has specialized research teams and technical workers for the development and production of thick and thick steel plates, and has established a powerful technical center.

  Industry status

  Vice President of China special steel enterprise association

  Member of China iron and steel association

  China's first production and scientific research base of wide and thick steel plate

  China's top 500 companies

  Hesteel wugang was founded in 1970, and in 1978, the 4200mm wide and thick steel plate mill, which was once known as the king of rolling mills in China, went into production, ending the history that China could not produce wide and thick steel plate. In the decades after the establishment of the factory, he steel wugang is the country's only wide plate enterprise.

  China's important domestic alternative import base

  Hesteel wugang products are equivalent to a large number of American ASTM, ASME, ABS, German DIN, GL, British BS, LR, Japan JIS, European EN, Norway DNV, France BV, Australia AS and other advanced foreign standards. Among the 16 series and more than 300 brands, more than 200 are used for domestic substitute import, and more than 30 are exported to developed countries and regions in Europe and America.

  One of the world's most influential extra-thick steel mills

  River steel wugang plate thickness up to 700mm, more than 100mm thickness steel exports of nearly 400,000 tons. Over the years, more than 50mm thick plate in the domestic market rate has been more than 30%.

  The country's only "wide plate" technical journal sponsor

  China's largest, independent system of specialized wide and thick steel plant

  It has 4200mm and 4100mm two broad and thick steel plate production lines. The two production lines have their own characteristics and complementary advantages. The 4200mm wide and thick plate production line has special advantages of special width and thickness, and the 4100mm wide and thick plate production line has the advantages of first-class technology, first-class technology and first-class equipment. With an annual steel production of 5 million tons, 3 million tons of thick steel plate, sales revenue of more than 10 billion yuan of comprehensive strength.

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