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  Hegang wugang is China's first wide and thick steel plate production and scientific research base, China's important wide and thick steel plate domestic substitute import base, China's top 500 enterprises, an important large tax family in henan province. Existing total assets of 13.2 billion yuan, more than 10,000 employees. With annual steel production of 5 million tons, 3 million tons of thick steel plate, sales revenue of more than 10 billion yuan of comprehensive strength.

  He steel wugang plant in 1970, the original national defense and military projects. In September 1978, he steel wugang 4200mm wide and thick plate mill, once known as the "king of rolling mills" in China, was completed and put into production, ending the history that China could not produce extra-wide and extra-thick plates. In September 1997, hegang wugang was restructured from a former enterprise directly under the ministry of metallurgical industry into a limited liability company held by hangang group.

  Over the past 30 years, hesteel wugang has been built and developed according to special conditions, which has laid a special and important position in China's wide and thick steel plate industry. River WuGang has domestic steel industry rare four metres a second lines generous steel plate production line, 4 m, 4 is the main equipment in ultra high power electric furnace, liquid steel refining and 11 vacuum treatment facilities, large ingot mould casting line 9, 300 x 1900 mm slab continuous casting machine a, two 300 mm x 2500 mm slab continuous caster, 4100 mm double frame generous plate mill and 4200 mm plate mill each a charity. It has the most complete and complete steel plate heat treatment facilities in China's wide and thick steel plate industry, world-class scientific research testing equipment and national physical and chemical testing center.

  In hesteel wugang has produced 16 series, more than 400 brands of products, more than 200 replaced the import or use foreign standards production, more than 30 varieties exported to the United States, Germany, Japan and other developed countries and regions. Ten categories of products have been awarded the "gold cup award for physical quality of metallurgical products of China", and seven categories have been awarded the title of "famous brand products of henan province". "Hegang wugang brand" is awarded as the famous trademark of henan province and the famous export brand of henan province. Hesteel wugang is our country's building structure with steel plate, oil and gas pipeline with thick steel plate, thickness direction performance steel plate and other 5 national standards drafting unit. In October 2010, the company won the national quality award.

  He steel wugang products are widely used in national major projects, major technical equipment and national defense military projects. The 110mm thick q460e-z35 steel plate, specially developed and produced for the national stadium, the main venue of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, realizes the localization of all the "bird's nest" steel and is highly appraised by all walks of life. He steel wugang also received the special contribution award for the Beijing Olympic Games. Steel plate supply for the three gorges project reached 120,000 tons, accounting for more than 80% of the total project consumption of similar products, among which the 24 permanent lock gates of the three gorges used by more than 40,000 tons of steel plate are all river steel wugang products. The wide and thick steel plate used in the main line of west-to-east gas transmission has broken the monopoly supply situation of Japanese and Korean steel plants in this field and saved a lot of foreign exchange for the country. Domestic metallurgical enterprise construction of large blast furnace almost all hesteel wugang blast furnace shell steel plate. In the national aircraft project, Beijing capital airport expansion, the national grand theater, CCTV new site, Shanghai lupu bridge, jiangsu runyang Yangtze river bridge and national strategic petroleum reserve base construction, national defense and military projects, manned space industry and other fields, wuyang plate has played a key role.

  Looking forward to the future, the group company to build a leading the process of the international first-class modern iron and steel group, river steel WuGang will add along fine scale type road of development, adhere to the "scientific development, the pursuit of excellence" spirit of enterprise, in order to give full play to their own variety and quality, brand and market, and other advantages, to build a resource-conserving and environmentally friendly enterprise as own duty, in the construction "the domestic leading the international first-class quality generous steel base" goal strive to move forward!

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