A report meeting on Comrade Zheng Jiuqiang's advanced deeds was held in Wugang




Carry forward the spirit of model workers and stimulate the strength to move forward

A report meeting on Comrade Zheng Jiuqiang's advanced deeds was held in Wugang

Shili Steel City has set off an upsurge of promoting the spirit of long-term strength and striving to be a long-term strong employee

In order to conscientiously implement the spirit of the "Decision of the Group Party Committee and Group Company on Launching Activities to Learn from Comrade Zheng Jiuqiang" and push the learning activities from Comrade Zheng Jiuqiang to a climax and deepening, the "Comrade Zheng Jiuqiang's Advanced Deeds Report Group" led by the trade union of the group came to Wugang Company on May 21 to give a special report.

Jia Guosheng, chairman and general manager of the company, Li Bingjun, secretary of the party committee, Liu Jianguo, Jia Minggang, Qian Zewang, Xie Liangfa, Li Jianchao, Zhao Wenzhong, Zhang Zhimin, Li Zhaoyan, Zhu Xinwang, and the company's middle-level and above cadres, some labor models, advanced figures, and production backbones, a total of 1,100 people attended the report meeting.

Li Bingjun presided over the report meeting.

Comrade Zheng Jiuqiang is the chief operation skills expert of Tanggang Steel, the secretary of the party branch and deputy director of the converter workshop of the hot rolling department. He has successively won the honorary titles of Hebei Province Outstanding Communist Party Member, Hebei Province Model Worker, Hebei Province Moral Model, Hebei Province Gold Medal Worker, National May Day Labor Medal, China Youth May Fourth Medal, China Skills Award, National Technical Expert, State Council Special Allowance Skill Expert, National Most Beautiful Employee and National Model Worker, and was elected as a deputy to the 17th National Congress of the Party in 2007. The "Zheng Jiuqiang Steelmaking Innovation Studio" led by him has been named as the first batch of "National Skill Master Studio" and "National Model Worker Innovation Studio" by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the All-China Federation of Trade Unions.

At the report meeting, Zheng Jiuqiang made a report on "My Dream and Happiness", which affectionately told the story of his 26 years of staying with the converter. The bittersweet and bittersweet growth from an ignorant teenager to a well-known steelmaking expert in the industry is thought-provoking and inspiring. Looking back on the path he had traveled, he felt happy. Hebei Iron and Steel Group is the world-class steel enterprise with the largest production capacity in China, and he feels extremely honored to work here and make his own contribution to the revitalization of the national steel industry with everyone. He is grateful for the profession of "steelmaking". Because in this position, he not only refined the product, refined the spirit, but also refined the quality. 26 years later, the converter has become a part of his life; It was also the converter that allowed him to really see his heart clearly in the face of the temptation of a million annual salaries. It is Tang Gang and the converter that provide him with a bigger stage, his roots are here, and his dreams and happiness are also here.

Comrade Zhou Zuoli, secretary of the party committee and chairman of the trade union of Tanggang Hot Rolling Department, made a report entitled "Zheng Jiuqiang, a model of contemporary steel workers". He said that Zheng Jiuqiang, who has been working for 26 years, started from the assistant at the end of steelmaking, and gradually grew into a well-known operation skill expert and front-line technological innovation leader of the whole group and the whole industry, not only promoting the improvement of converter steelmaking operation process and technological progress with his youth and wisdom, but also selflessly passing on his long-term summary and accumulated experience to workers with the innovation studio as a platform, forming a "long-strong effect" with strong energy and lasting influence, and cultivating a group of excellent steelmakers who integrate knowledge and skills. tells the story of how Zheng Jiuqiang grew up step by step into a well-known operation skills expert and front-line technological innovation leader in the industry, and profoundly explained the labor quality and spiritual quality that steel people should have in the new era.

Zhang Jun, the shift foreman on duty in the converter workshop of the hot rolling department of Tanggang Iron and Steel, made a report entitled "A Good Big Brother for Life." He tells the story of how Zheng Jiuqiang grew from an enterprising technical student to an expert in operational skills. In the 19 years of getting along with Zheng Jiuqiang, Brother Jiuqiang attracted and influenced him with his unique personality charm, and his idol pursuit also changed from the "ancient puzzle boy" at that time to this "No. 1 steelmaker in China" who moved and admired him countless times. The thrilling moments and unforgettable experiences that he has experienced with Zheng Jiuqiang in the past 19 years are tear-jerking and touching.

Xu Wei, furnace manager of Class B No. 2 in the converter workshop of Tanggang Hot Rolling Department and a model worker in Hebei Province, made a report entitled "You are a beacon on my life road", telling how he transformed from a lofty college student to a diligent and enterprising steelmaker, and told the story of how Zheng Jiuqiang guided his way forward at work and on the road of life, which aroused people's deep thought and gave people strength.

Zheng Zhang, a student of the School of Information of Hebei University of Economics and Business and son of Comrade Zheng Jiuqiang, made a report entitled "Dad, You Are the Highest Mountain in My Heart." As the saying goes: a father's love is like a mountain, but Zheng Zhang did not have an intuitive understanding of this sentence when he was a child, and he always felt that his father's mountain could only be looked at from a distance when he needed to rely on it most. Because Dad gave all his energy and time to the steelmaking business he loved, he spent much more time with the furnace than with his family. It wasn't until recently, when Dad came back from attending the "National Most Beautiful Worker" and "National Model Worker" commendation meeting, and took time to visit him at school and inquire about his studies with concern, he felt that the title of Dad was so cordial and warm. I am ashamed of my previous misunderstanding of my father, not because he does not love him, but because he is too busy and busy. Today, he feels honored and proud of his father, who is the highest mountain in his heart.

After the members of the report group made the report, Li Bingjun, secretary of the party committee of the company, pointed out in particular that the content of the report meeting was wonderful, touching people's hearts, urging people to forge ahead, and the vast number of cadres and employees of Wugang more specifically understood the image of Comrade Zheng Jiuqiang as a steel worker in the new era of "sticking to faith, persevering, loving and dedicating to work, diligent and enterprising, advancing with the times, being brave in innovation, indifferent to fame and fortune, and willing to contribute". Comrade Zheng Jiuqiang's firm will, spirit of responsibility, innovative ability and excellent quality deserve to be seriously studied and actively carried forward by every cadre and worker.

Li Bingjun stressed that the "long-term strong spirit" is a concrete embodiment of the spirit of model workers in the new era and a precious spiritual wealth of the group. It is the spirit of model workers represented by Comrade Zheng Jiuqiang that drives the majority of employees to strive unremittingly to promote the development of the enterprise, and this invisible force is a great wealth for us. In the critical period of the Group's transformation and upgrading and accelerated development, the Group's decision to learn from Comrade Zheng Jiuqiang is both a practical need and a strategic consideration. We must actively respond to the call of the group party committee and the group company, consciously learn from Comrade Zheng Jiuqiang, take the initiative to take Comrade Zheng Jiuqiang as an example, firmly establish a correct world outlook, outlook on life and values, establish the concept of hard work, honest labor and creative labor, let labor be the most glorious, the most noble labor, the greatest labor, and the most beautiful labor become the trend, maintain a good state of lofty aspirations, firm conviction, positive progress and hard work, and strive to be a long-term strong employee with "ideals, wisdom, sophisticated technology and innovation". Contribute wisdom and strength to build the world's most competitive steel enterprise and realize the great dream of serving the country with steel!

Zheng Jiuqiang's report on his advanced deeds was plain and vivid, touching and profound, which made the hearts of the cadres and workers present swell, and warm applause sounded from time to time in the venue.