The theoretical examination of the company's 8th Employee Vocational Skills Competition was opened




At 14:30 on May 22, the theoretical test of the company's 8th Employee Vocational Skills Competition was held in the conference room on the third floor of the Convention and Exhibition Center. More than 90 outstanding players selected from various units of the company participated in the theoretical examination of six types of work: crane worker, welder, physical property inspector, substation and distribution operator, refiner and fitter in the same examination room.

The theoretical test takes the form of closed-book written answer sheets, and the questions are from the National Skills Competition question bank. Compared with previous years, the difficulty and volume of questions have increased. The score of the theory test will be counted as 30% of the total score of the contestant's skills competition. Only those who pass the theory test can take the practical test. The practical exam runs from late May to early June.

The six types of substation and distribution operators, welders, overhead cranes, computer programmers, fitters and physical properties inspection workers arranged by this competition are all competition types of the sixth "Hebei Iron and Steel Cup Vocational Skills Competition", and the refining workers are the competition types of the Hebei State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission System Skills Talent Vocational Competition. At the same time, welders and computer programmers are also competitors in the National Vocational Skills Competition.

Wugang attaches great importance to this skills competition, and has set up a special competition organizing committee, and the competition plans and examination content of each type of work are formulated in accordance with the senior worker skill standards in the "National Vocational Skills Standards", which ensures the scientific organization of the competition and has a correct guiding role in improving the vocational skills of employees. The skills competition implements the method of level-by-level selection of each unit, mobilizing the vast number of workers into the upsurge of learning technology and improving quality.

After the end of the 8th Employee Vocational Skills Competition, the organizing committee of the competition will award the first place of "Wugang Company Technical Champion" to each type of work, the second place to the title of "Wugang Company Technical Pacesetter", and the third place to the title of "Wugang Company Technical Expert". At the same time, rewards of 5,000 yuan, 4,000 yuan and 3,000 yuan will be given respectively. For those who represent the company in the group and national competitions and win the winners, the company will not only re-award the winners, but also give the same rewards to the tutors of the winners as the contestants.