New World Center in Hong Kong




On May 16, 608 tons of high-rise building structural plates were loaded in Wugang Steel and waiting to be sent to Hong Kong, supporting the "reinforced iron bone" of the overpass of Hong Kong's "New World Center".

New World Centre is Hong Kong's largest integrated plaza, integrating shopping, entertainment and commerce. Located at the southernmost tip of the Kowloon Peninsula, New World Centre offers the best views of Hong Kong Island and a wide range of prestigious shops, making it known as a "shopping paradise" for domestic and foreign tourists.

A number of well-known domestic steel mills participated in the bidding of this project, intending to obtain application performance in this internationally renowned landmark building. In view of Wugang's excellent performance in the field of steel for high-rise building structures and the excellent quality and performance of "Wugang" brand wide and thick plates, the owner specially selected "Wugang" low-alloy high-strength building structure steel S355J2+N and Z25 in the construction of the key load-bearing parts of the building.

"Wugang" brand steel for high-rise building structure, with easy welding, earthquake resistance, low temperature impact resistance, twist resistance and other properties, the national standard of "steel plate for building structure" was drafted and formulated by Wugang Steel. Because of its excellent quality, the "Wugang" plate has been widely used in more than 30 large-scale buildings at home and abroad, such as Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower, Shanghai Tower Tower, Suzhou Gate, Tianjin landmark building - Jinta Tower, and Guangzhou New TV Tower, the world's tallest tower. Seven of the "Top Ten Famous Buildings in Beijing" are built with "Wugang" plates, and the top three Capital Airport Terminal 3, the National Stadium and the National Centre for the Performing Arts all use "Wugang" steel plates in the construction of their key parts.