Company "Three strict three real" special education officially launched




According to the deployment requirements of the superior Party committee, combined with the activity arrangement of the company Party committee, on the morning of May 29th, the company's "Three stricts and Three realities" special education activity was officially launched.

Company chairman, general manager Jia Guosheng presided over the special party class. He stressed that the Party committees of all units, leading cadres at all levels should earnestly study and deeply understand the group chairman Yu Yong in the group's "three stricts and three real" special education Party class speech spirit, unified thinking and action, to ensure that the special education achieved results, resolutely win the overall profit battle.

Company Party Secretary Li Bingjun to "with the spirit of" strict ", "real" style, stimulate the WUGANG cadre team work entrepreneurial new power "as the theme, for the company deputy department level above the leading cadres to make a special lecture.

Jia Minggang, Yin Rusheng and LI Zhaoyin, THE LEADERS OF the COMPANY at home, the leading cadres above the deputy department level and the relevant personnel of the Party and mass departments listened to the special lecture.

Gu Guosheng pointed out that "three solid steady tightening" special education, the party is to carry out comprehensive stricter requirements, consolidate the results expand the party's mass line education practice, continue to promote the party's ideological and political construction and the attitude of the construction of the important measures, is a serious inner-party political life, strict political discipline important gripper and political rules, is the guarantee of reform, development and stability. Shall carefully organize the study and the various units of digestion, earnestly the leading cadre thought and action to the central, provincial party committee and party committee's decision to deploy, unified to the central task of implementing overall profitability and to the requirements of "strict", "real" action, the effectiveness of the "good" test "three solid steady tightening" special education effect.

Jia Guosheng stressed that leading cadres at all levels should earnestly implement the spirit of group Chairman Yu Yong's speech, deeply understand the importance of the "three strict and three real" special education, unify their thoughts to the central, provincial and group Party committee deployment requirements, and resolutely win the overall profit battle; Leading cadres at all levels must accurately grasp the "three stricts and three real" thematic education overall requirements, to ensure that not empty, not empty, not biased; Leading officials at all levels should earnestly practice the "three stricts and three earnests", bear in mind their duties, remain clean and have the courage to take responsibility, and make due contributions to winning the battle for overall profitability.

Jia Guosheng pointed out that "three points of strategy and seven points of implementation". In the first five months of this year, all the leading cadres and ten thousand employees through the joint efforts, is the company's production and operation on the whole stable to good, the work has been recognized by the group, but to complete the annual target, still need to pay hard efforts. As a leading cadre, we should not be afraid of problems and avoid problems, but also be able to take responsibility. We should be the first to plan, grasp and work in accordance with the requirements and deployment of the company and the Party Committee of the company, and be down-to-earth to solve problems in production and operation, so as to realize our life value. For the successful completion of the company's goals, for the construction of the most competitive broad plate leading enterprise to make their own application contribution.

Li Bingjun pointed out that this special education is the extension and deepening of the Party's mass line education practice, is an important measure to persevere, relax and never stop strengthening the style of work, is an important way to seriously the Party's political life, political discipline and political rules. Organizations at all levels and leading cadres of Party members must thoroughly study and understand the arrangement and requirements of activities of the Group and the Party Committee of the Group, deeply understand the significance of carrying out special education of "Three stricts and three realities", and fully realize that carrying out special education is an important measure to continuously promote and continuously strengthen the construction of style.

Li Bingjun asks, PARTY member LEADING cadre WANTS TO TAKE the LEAD IN-DEPTH analysis ONESELF, BUILD WIND clear GAS IS, the GOOD ENVIRONMENT THAT SECRETARY does business. Leading cadres at all levels should always use the mirror of "Three stricts and three earnests" to look into and think about whether their thoughts and actions are up to standard and whether they are qualified. They should encourage themselves if there is something to be done and if there is nothing to be done, so as to promote their own ideological realm and personal strength.

Li Bingjun stressed that leading cadres at all levels must aim high, follow the principle of "three stricts and three earnests", strengthen political discipline and raise loyalty consciousness; Strengthen work discipline and enhance sense of responsibility; Strengthen clean and honest discipline and raise awareness of cleanliness; We will strengthen public discipline and raise awareness of service. To seriously implement the company's decisions and deployment, to create a stand the test of the masses of workers, the masses of workers satisfied with the performance, in the spirit of "strict", "real" style, stimulate the cadre team work entrepreneurship of new power, promote the production and operation of Wugang constantly make new progress.