Pingdingshan Mayor Zhang Guowei to Wugang company research




In the morning of September 16, Zhang Guowei, mayor of Pingdingshan City, came to Wugang to investigate and discuss with the main leaders of the company and relevant leaders of Wugang City in the conference room on the fourth floor of Wugang Hotel. He fully affirmed the Wugang company since this year's work, and the next step of the work put forward requirements: to highlight the reform and innovation, quickly adapt to market changes; To stimulate the sense of ownership and the spirit of innovation, unity, cohesion of a strong force to overcome difficulties; We should do a good job in environmental protection and safety, effectively guarantee the safety of life and property of the workers, and fulfill the social responsibility of the brand.

Pingdingshan Municipal Committee Standing Committee, vice mayor Wang Hongjing, municipal secretary General Zhao Jun and other leaders together to investigate. Deng Jianjun, Chairman and general manager of Wugang Company, Li Bingjun, Party Secretary of Wugang City, Wei Jianping, Mayor Shi Changxian, Standing Committee member and executive Vice Mayor Gan Shuanzhu accompanied the leaders to investigate.

Zhang Guowei fully affirmed the Wugang company's work since this year. He pointed out that in the iron and steel industry is more pressing, plank price downward to 26% of difficult cases, WuGang company by optimizing the technological process, a series of measures such as strengthening management, make the output has increased by more than 9%, costs have fallen sharply, hitting a record high of export products, especially WuGang new leadership took office, strong product line, promote reform and innovation, The ability and quality of enterprises to adapt to the market economy are constantly improving, which is a great achievement.

Zhang Guowei further pointed out that in the current industry overcapacity, product prices are falling, competition is increasingly intensified, enterprises need to survive, seek development, must improve the market competitiveness, enhance the competitiveness of the core, is the cost and quality. The same price than quality, the same quality to see the cost. As a wide and thick plate brand, Wugang to improve the quality of varieties as the key link, on this basis continue to reduce costs, build the cost competitiveness of the brand, as long as survived the steel winter, it will usher in the spring of development.

Zhang Guowei put forward suggestions and requirements for the next step.

First, we need to focus on reform and innovation, quickly adapt to market changes, and solve existing problems with new ideas and new methods. To innovate the procurement, shop around, play the time difference, the region is poor, in the premise of ensuring the quality of raw materials, reduce the procurement cost, and strive for "buy back benefit"; To innovate management, optimize process, produce high-end products, improve product quality, reduce production costs, to achieve "production benefits"; To innovate marketing, customer-centered, sales as the leader, production and marketing linkage, make full use of the Internet, rapid response, constantly open up high-end market, to achieve "sales create benefits". Second, we need to inspire the sense of ownership and the spirit of innovation. The more difficult an enterprise is, the more it needs to rely wholeheartedly on employee-run enterprises to keep warm and jointly fight the harsh winter. We should fully stimulate the sense of ownership of the workers, mobilize the workers love the enterprise, dedication to the enterprise, and the enterprise breathe the same fate of the enthusiasm, unity, coagulation and cohesion, a total of difficulties. Third, we will focus on environmental protection and safety. The more the overall economic downturn, the more important it is to attach great importance to environmental protection and safety work, effectively ensure the safety of life and property of enterprises and workers, and earnestly fulfill their due social responsibilities.

Before the discussion, Zhang Guowei and his party went to Wugang Iron and steel mill for field research, and asked in detail about the cost of iron making, environmental protection work and the production process of steel mill.

Deng JianJUN, CHAIRMAN AND GENERAL MANAGER OF THE COMPANY, reported the production and operation situation of WUGANG from January to August this year, and the next step. Next, WuGang company will be in two levels of municipal party committee municipal government to create a good external development environment for WuGang company, on the basis of in accordance with the unified group arrangement deployment, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the broad masses of cadres and workers, inheriting good WuGang company 40 years accumulation of excellent enterprise culture, a good professional brand road, lenient plate unswervingly Unswervingly carry Wugang wide plate "China's first board" flag. The main measures are: it is to further promote output scale. The second is to comprehensively strengthen the marketing work, the establishment of two main leaders to promote the marketing work innovation leading group, promote the marketing model and marketing strategy innovation, further expand and strengthen the new product market. The third is to ensure the delivery of the contract on time, establish the idea that the whole industrial chain should serve customers, strengthen the lean production organization, and implement the requirement of "production for sales". Four is to establish the idea of system optimization. Fifth, strengthen equipment management, implement equipment insurance system, improve the ability of basic equipment management; And invest the necessary funds, repair equipment, improve equipment accuracy and support capacity.

Deng Jianjun said that the majority of cadres and workers of Wugang company will drum up energy, strive upstream, strive for September production and management to achieve a new breakthrough, and then play a good fourth quarter battle, for the economic and social development of Pingdingshan City and Wugang City to contribute new and greater strength, never live up to the expectations of the two levels of municipal government and love.

Leaders from Pingdingshan Government Office, Industry and Information Bureau, Editorial office, Tourism Bureau, Development and Reform Commission, Civil Affairs Bureau, Finance Bureau, Land and Land Bureau, Statistics Bureau and relevant units of Wugang City accompanied the investigation and participated in the discussion.