The Modern Yellow Crane Tower is raised by 15,000 tons of high quality steel plate.




There are tall buildings in central China, and the clouds are aligned. As of January 13, with a strong quality brand advantage, 15,000 tons of HEgang Wugang high-quality high-rise building steel plate high-profile "appearance" Wuhan, will hold the first in central China, China's second, the world's third tallest building - Wuhan Greenland Center.

In Wuchang, known as the "modern Yellow Crane Tower", the 636-meter, 125-story skyscraper under construction -- Wuhan Green Center, which is expected to be completed in 2017, will be the "tallest building in Central China", and the second tallest building in China and the third tallest building in the world. Its key bearing parts of the steel structure are Hegang "Wugang" plate manufacturing.

River steel WuGang follow the project since the beginning of 2013, and with the user in such aspects as materials technology and quality inspection test many times the depth of communication, in the end, river steel WuGang with unique high strength and high quality of construction steel varieties advantage, to win the recognition of the owner, stand out in the numerous bidding units, bidding at a stroke, Responsible for providing 15,000 tons of large-thickness Q345GJ-Q420GJ high-rise building series steel for the construction of the building. Among them, the quality requirements of 100mm thick Q420GJ steel plate are the same as those of 110mm thick Q460E-Z35 steel plate specially developed by our company for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games project, but the requirements are stricter and the production is more difficult.

In recent years, Hegang Wugang has produced a large number of 8mm-200mm thick, grade Q345GJC(D)-Q460GJC(D) high-rise building structure steel. On behalf of the iron and steel industry, the thickness direction performance standard GB/T5313, the steel plate standard GB/T19879 for building structures, and the low welding crack sensitivity high strength steel plate standard YB/T4137-2005 have been formulated. The products have the advantages of stable quality, good Z-direction performance and excellent welding performance. The construction steel produced by HEgang Wogang is used in the key and core parts of landmark buildings at home and abroad, such as the "Bird's Nest", the main venue of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, the National Center for the Performing Arts in Beijing, Terminal 3 of the Capital Airport, the new site of China Central Television, and the tallest building in Beijing, the "China Zun", etc.