It is required to raise awareness and promote safe and clean production




On the morning of January 15th, the company held the 2016 annual conference on safety, environmental protection and fire fighting, to summarize and commend the safety, environmental protection and fire fighting work in 2015. Environmental protection and the safety of the 2016 fire control work arrangements and deployment, security, environmental protection, fire front unified thought, strengthen confidence, solidarity, in accordance with the unified company's decision to deploy, with innovative measures and a more solid attitude, strengthen the execution, substantial work, completes the safety fire control work of environmental protection, for the steady development of the company production and operation provide strong support. Deng Jianjun, chairman and general manager, and Xie Liangfa and Zhao Guochang, deputy general managers of the company, signed the company's 2016 annual safety, environmental protection target contract responsibility statement, and the leaders of the secondary units signed the safety, environmental protection and fire protection target responsibility statement. Party Secretary Li Bingjun presided over the meeting.

Deng Jianjun made an important speech at the meeting. He fully affirmed the achievements of the company's safety, environmental protection and fire protection work in 2015, analyzed the existing shortcomings, and put forward five requirements for the safety, environmental protection and fire protection work in 2016. , facing the increasingly serious situation and a more difficult task, cadres and workers to further unify ideas and awareness, a firm confidence and determination to overcome difficulties, in accordance with the company ZhiDaiHui determine the overall goal of ideas and nine key work, work in good state of mind, full of enthusiasm, the foothold official duty post, since the conscientious, substantial work, We will ensure that the targets and tasks for the year are met and resolutely win the battle for overall profitability.

Second, attach great importance to safety, environmental protection and fire protection work, and constantly strengthen basic management to ensure the completion of the annual targets and tasks. First, we must bear in mind our responsibilities, dare to grasp dare to manage, really grasp the real management, grasp the effect, the level of management. Second, we need to improve organizational structures. All units should be in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, and fully equipped with safety, environmental protection and fire protection organizations and personnel. Third, we need to increase necessary investment. All safety, environmental protection, fire departments must solve the problem to solve in time, need to invest as soon as possible, can not be delayed. Fourth, we will strengthen basic management. To widely carry out safety, environmental protection, fire knowledge training, strengthen the implementation of the system, adhere to pay attention to the investigation and management of hidden dangers, ensure that the responsibility is put in place, put an end to the occurrence of accidents; Supervision departments should perform their supervision duties, check and urge all units to do a good job of troubleshooting and management of hidden dangers, to ensure that the "post zero hidden dangers".

Three, pay attention to the safety management work, for the company's production safety and stability to provide solid support. First, we should constantly innovate safety management, explore new methods and measures in creating enterprise safety culture, promoting the essential safety of the production site, and standardizing the work of workers. Second, we should do a good job in safety standardization. Third, we must do a good job in the management of major hazardous sources, hazardous chemicals and key positions. Supervision and inspection shall be further strengthened in the monitoring and control of major hazardous sources, the production, storage and use of gas and hazardous chemicals, the transport of molten metals, the maintenance and construction of centralized equipment, and the construction of construction projects.

Fourth, we will work hard to conserve energy, reduce emissions and protect the environment, and actively adapt to the new normal in environmental protection. First of all, we must recognize and adapt to the new normal of environmental protection, and stand on a political level to do a good job in environmental protection. Through careful study and implementation of the environmental protection Law, the new air pollution prevention and control law and supporting laws and regulations, further strengthen the red line awareness of environmental protection and bottom line thinking, promote energy conservation, emission reduction and clean production, environmental protection work into every link of production. We should implement the Group's green development plan, focus on promoting the green transformation of traditional manufacturing industry, technological innovation and application of resource recycling, promote green procurement and green logistics, and steadily build a green manufacturing system.

Five, fire safety "three in place" as the starting point, to promote the company's fire safety work to a new level. It is necessary to effectively improve the understanding of the importance of fire safety work, constantly improve the emergency plan system, effectively improve the management level of fire safety work, and achieve the "three places" of fire safety inspection, rectification of fire hazards, and fire safety assessment.

Li made clear requirements on how to implement the spirit of the meeting. He stressed that each unit should be in accordance with the spirit and responsibility of President Deng speech content, combined with the company in 2016, security environmental protection and fire control work plan and assume their respective indicators, further enhance the sense of responsibility, safe, environmental protection and fire fighting measures, strengthen the execution, vigorously promotes the implementation, ensure company annual security environmental protection and fire control work goals and the successful completion of the tasks.

Company leaders Liu Jianguo, Xie Liangfa, Li Jianchao, Zhao Wenzhong, Zhao Guochang, Hu Qichao, Zhu Xinwang attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Xie Liangfa read out the company's 2015 annual safety, environmental protection and fire protection work advanced units and individuals award decision. Leaders of participating companies presented awards to advanced groups with outstanding achievements in safety, environmental protection and fire protection in the past year. Xie Liangfa summarized the security and fire fighting work in 2015, and arranged and deployed the security and fire fighting work in 2016.

Zhao Guochang made a summary of the company's environmental protection work in 2015 and arranged and deployed the work in 2016.