Achievement of customers is achievement of themselves




"The overriding job in 2016 is marketing and product. The whole group must focus on the market, customers and products without distractions. We must endow our attention to the market, customers and products in our bones and actions, seize opportunities and seize the first opportunities in the national macroeconomic restructuring, and win the future based on the present." This contract is a vivid embodiment of HEgang WugANG's deep implementation of the spirit of Chairman Yu Yong's speech and sincere service to customers.

What is it about the contract that is so special?

It all started last May.

In May 2015, the key customer service team of the company visited the market and got a message: a large state-owned enterprise in Shaanxi planned to build a large spherical tank. It had selected a design institute and was currently designing. Our company's key customer service team immediately went to the design institute for communication. After full communication and technical exchange, the design institute said to our company's product performance and product quality is very recognized, and our products are listed as one of the best candidates for design steel. At the same time, our company and long-term cooperation with the key customer Lanshi Heavy Equipment Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Lanshi Heavy Equipment) also close communication, and according to the design requirements of the design institute, tailored for the customer supply plan, for the owner's organization of public bidding has made full preparation.

In mid-November 2015, the owners publicly selected the project contractors through the Internet nationwide. After full preparation of my company's big customer Lanshi Zhongzhuang confidently handed over the tender. At THE END OF November, the bidding results were announced, and the results made Lanshi Heavy Loading and our company "big surprise" : Lanshi heavy loading lost the bid!

In the face of this unexpected outcome, my company and Lanshi heavy such as encounter a blow, straight call impossible!

It is impossible. One is "the cradle of China petrochemical machinery and back", "equipment service enterprises in China," one is "the first domestic clemency board scientific research base", "only a all type of boiler and pressure vessel steel through the boiler pressure vessel standardization technical committee review of enterprise", the combination of the two industry leading enterprises, who and die?

However, the reality is merciless, the result is blue stone reload out of standard.

In the face of this incredible result, not only Lanshi heavy equipment felt "impossible", even my company's key customer service team also felt incredible.

Passively accepting reality? Is not the nature of Hegang Wugang. In the face of attack, do not yield, in the face of customers, do not abandon, do not give up, is the true nature of Hegang Wugang.

On the day when the winning result was announced, the key customer service team of our company immediately sent personnel to Lanshi Reloading to help the personnel of Lanshi reloading project department analyze and find the reasons for the loss of the bid. After repeated analysis, my company's marketing staff found that the winning contractor is a little-known enterprise. A little-known enterprise, how to have the ability to undertake the requirements of the "top" project? With a variety of questions, our company and Lanshi heavy equipment to the business situation and background of the thorough "human flesh" search, and through various channels to understand, "feel out" the real situation of the enterprise......

In ceaseless inquiry and proof, all sorts of "clues" of behavior of this enterprise dishonesty are revealed one by one, the truth rises to the surface gradually. Our company's key customer service staff and Lanshi are increasingly convinced: justice will prevail over all!

During THAT PERIOD OF TIME, IN order to fight for this tone, our company's key customer service staff and Lanshi reinstall related personnel, often live in the OPEN air, day and night, non-stop rush between the design institute, the owner and the location of the enterprise, working overtime to sort out data. Needless to say, no one complains about the hardship. After more than half a month of repeated verification, our company and Lanshi heavy equipment gradually collected and detailed grasp of the enterprise's various dishonest behavior of powerful evidence.

With unremitting efforts, the opportunity of "overtaking" is getting closer and closer.

At the beginning of this year, our company and Lanshi heavy installation, design institute jointly, solemnly submitted the relevant evidence to the owner. Then, my company customer service team and LanShi reshipment to further strengthen communication, in paying attention to the demand of the owners and LanShi reshipment, at any time to provide comprehensive, considerate service, at the same time, a month also specially designated by the marketing personnel to the owner and LanShi reshipment production site for service, help customers solve various technical problems.

Finally, after careful verification, the owner announced to cancel the cooperation with the previous winning enterprise. At the end of April, the owner held a bidding meeting again, Lanshi won the bid.

Achievement of customers is achievement of themselves. While assisting Lanshi to win the bid, our company became the material provider of this project without any doubt with strong comprehensive technical strength and excellent service, and finally won the order: to provide 2000 tons of high-quality and high-end pressure vessel steel plate for the project construction.

To win the order, we must keep improving the organization and production, so that users can feel the God-like intimate quality service. The company adheres to the practice of "customer-centered" values, based on the production line, efficient and high-quality production organization, "a steady stream of production, to meet customer needs, stable and reliable high-end products" as the fundamental survival and development. According to the needs of the owners, our company and Lanshi heavy equipment to strengthen technical communication and cooperation, to meet customer needs as the first working standard, high standards to promote the production organization work. At present, more than 100 tons of high quality and high-end pressure vessel steel required in the early stage of the project has been efficiently produced and delivered to customers on schedule, which has ensured the urgent need of customers, won the praise of customers, and won the full trust of customers.