"Our purpose is to make our customers happy!"




"Qiu Chao, thanks to you and the Ministry of Science and Technology adjusting process parameters, the surface of this batch of Carter steel is very clean!" May 17, in the second steel rolling workshop production site, data worker Xiao Zhang saw the second steel rolling workshop technician Qiu Chao excitedly said.

Originally, the front two rolling steel production of a batch of Carter steel, suddenly appeared on the surface of batch iron sheet. This phenomenon has caused the high attention of the four operation leaders, workshop directors and technicians in the front working area of the second rolling steel. Together with relevant personnel of the Ministry of Science and Technology, they immediately pulled out the process and equipment parameters of several batches of Carter steel recently produced, and carefully analyzed the reasons. After bold analysis and careful verification, they finally set their sights on improving heating and phosphorus removal processes. Finally, after the process adjustment step by step, and the adjusted process solidified, the post operator began to carry out standardized operations strictly according to the process, and the operation manager and relevant technical personnel were closely watching the scene, guiding and supervising the process implementation at any time. In THE MIDDLE OF MAY, THE feedback results of performance inspection and surface quality inspection of a batch of Carter steel recently produced came out: batch performance incompatibility and large area of oxide sheet on the surface disappeared, the first pass rate of steel plate was greatly improved, and the key problems were solved successfully.

Such examples are not uncommon in second - rolled steel. In order to produce high-end high-quality steel plates and meet the stringent requirements of high-end customers, the operation of post operators becomes more accurate. In the production site of the second rolling mill, the data worker checks and cross-checks the data input into the system until the end of sheet rolling. When rolling the steel plate, the rolling mill closely watches the control screen, closely monitors the opening temperature and carefully controls the process quality. "If the rolling mill does not strictly control the rolling temperature, the high temperature is easy to cause the steel plate impact work is not suitable, the low temperature is easy to cause the steel plate bending suit, tensile standard, so we must always stare at the thermometer, quick and accurate operation. Now, the post staff operation is more elaborate, technical personnel to solve problems more intimate, our ultimate goal is to ensure customer satisfaction, customer satisfaction!" Qiu Chao told reporters.