The company realizes the docking with the group customer service center management platform




After more than 3 months of unremitting efforts by the software development technicians of the automation Department, the development of marketing customer information system of our company has been successful, and the seamless docking and real-time information transmission with HESTEEL Group have been realized. Since April 28 online, after further optimization and improvement of the system is running well, so as to get through the company and the river steel production data exchange channel, for the group to build the customer service center management platform, promote big customer manager system, promote group and WuGang company customer service ability provides strong information support.

In order to improve the information management level of the Group marketing system, the Group requires to establish a customer service center management platform, and realize the docking and data sharing of order, delivery, payment, balance, settlement, quality guarantee information and quality guarantee PDF file with the information system of each subsidiary. After the automation department accepted the task, it immediately transferred its capable forces to set up a project team, understood the specific requirements of the project and the relationship between the company's production data in detail, and began to develop the two systems including batch automatic uploading and batch automatic feedback. After establishing the overall idea of software design, the R&D personnel began to install the server on the shelf and configure the environment. Considering that the room space of our company is full, in order to solve the equipment resources, they carried out the virtualization of the server, and opened up the network channel between our company and the group customer service center; The cross-database connection channel between the database of the system and the production system is established. Developed a local automatic feedback system; Regularly update the production data of seven modules to the system; Periodically upload the production data of the system database to the group management platform automatically; Completed the database design and software development, program testing, system switching and other work.

Company information system network interface on April 28, switch to the group formally server smoothly, our company production and sales, new and old line three production management system such as the daily sales order, delivery details, into the type of information, clearing information, customer balances, warranty data and warranty information such as PDF files through the database and the local server customer service organization, extraction, uploaded to the group Central data management platform. At the same time, after receiving the information uploaded by our company, the group will automatically call the automatic feedback system developed by our company for batch data feedback, so as to achieve the effect of mutual communication.