Deng Jianjun met with guests of Weihai Chemical Machinery Company




On THE afternoon of June 17th, WANG Zhongliang, GENERAL manager of Weihai Chemical Machinery Co., LTD., and three people came to visit our company, and Deng Jianjun, CHAIRMAN and Party SECRETARY of WeiHAI Chemical Machinery Co., LTD., met with the guests. Qian Zewang, executive deputy general manager of the company attended the meeting.

On behalf of the company, Mr. Deng Jianjun extended a warm welcome to Mr. Wang Zhongliang and his delegation. Deng Jianjun said that Weihai Chemical Machinery Company is a strategic cooperative user of Hesteel, and over the years, the two sides have established a stable cooperative relationship. In the cooperation, Weihai Chemical machinery Company gives Hegang Wugang full trust and strong support, all Hegang Wugang capable steel plate, Weihai chemical machinery Company will be all orders to Hegang Wugang. As a leading enterprise of broad and thick plate in China, WugANG is making every effort to promote the marketing transformation with the "key account manager system" as the breakthrough point, increasing customer service efforts in all directions, accelerating structural adjustment and product upgrading. Hegang Wugang will spare no effort, from the variety, delivery time, quality and other aspects of the start, strengthen the technology, quality, to provide more and better high-end products for Weihai chemical machinery Company.

On behalf of Weihai Chemical Machinery Co., LTD., Mr. Wang Zhongliang expressed his gratitude to our company for providing high-end high-quality steel plates all the time. He said that Weihai Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. will be positioned in heavy pressure, special materials and other high-end non-standard equipment and complete sets of mixing equipment, has undertaken a number of well-known large chemical enterprises at home and abroad equipment processing and production tasks. As a strong partner, HEgang Wugang's product quality is excellent, is the only one in China can provide from thick to thin full range of container plate steel. The high-end container plates purchased by Weihai Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. are all products of Hegang Wugang. In the future cooperation, Weihai Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. will participate in the manufacturing of national major projects with more equipment, more need Hesteel Wugang varieties, delivery time and other aspects to give strong support.

Qian Zewang said that HEgang Wugang will strive to provide the best service for Weihai Chemical Machinery Co., LTD. He hoped that the two sides to strengthen communication and exchange, jointly create more brilliant performance, and strive to achieve a greater degree of win-win.

During the visit, Wang Zhongliang and his party also watched the product exhibition room of the company and the television feature film "Striving Wugang" which reflects the achievements of the company's reform and development.