"Zero Distance" service company and Lanshi heavy equipment "shake hands"




In the hot June, the company's key customer service team "zero distance" service to key customers produced "new fruit" : the harvest of 2300 tons of high value-added orders, and Lanshi Heavy equipment once again successfully realized the "hand in hand".

In order to provide better service for key customers, since mid-May, the company's key customer service team began to conduct in-depth visits and exchanges with key customers such as Lanshi Heavy Equipment. This is the first time since the establishment of key account management system, our company organized a key account service team to conduct all-round visits to key customers, "zero distance" service for key customers, from contract signing to production, technology, quality control, transportation, delivery, after-sales and other one-stop services for major customers. Among them, our company's key customer service team visited Lanshi Heavy Equipment to discuss the problems in the cooperation, which laid a solid foundation for further cooperation between the two sides. On May 20, shortly after visiting Lanshi Heavy Loading, the company received a telephone inquiry from Lanshi heavy loading. Originally, Lanshi heavy to undertake a key chemical project in Xinjiang, the owner's requirements must use high quality materials. As a "meritorious enterprise of equipment in China", Lanshi Heavy Equipment is in urgent need of "looking for" a steel mill with excellent steel plate quality and excellent comprehensive service, and bidding together with strong enterprises to win this landmark project.

The company immediately acted, combined with the project steel demand, and Lanshi heavy equipment and the owner of the in-depth communication. After understanding the customer's demand for steel material and delivery time, the company tailors a personalized supply plan to provide more flexible services. As the project is a key chemical project in Xinjiang, many equipment manufacturers and steel mills want to achieve supply performance through this project. In the bidding, there are 6 steel plate suppliers only participating in the bidding. At the beginning of June, there are 6 steel mills competing for a single high value-added container steel contract, out of consideration of the company's brand, quality, delivery time and other comprehensive strength, the owners and Lanshi heavy loading to the company to give full trust: not "He steel Wugang" steel. In the end, both Hegang Wugang and Lanshi Heavy equipment won the bid, and undertook the material supply and equipment manufacturing of the project.

Since this year, the group emphasized for many times, "in 2016, the overriding job is to market and product, group must concentrate on the up and down, to research the market, customers, research products, to put on the market for the product to the customer value carved on bones, into action, to seize opportunities in the national macro economic structure adjustment, a head, Be present and win the future." In order to deeply implement the group spirit, the company adheres to the "customer-centered values", and at the same time increases the strength of visiting major customers, we try our best to provide high-end customers with the best quality products and the most intimate service.

At present, the 2300 tons of high value-added contract undertaken by our company has all been scheduled to be produced, among which the first batch of 600 tons of steel plate has been produced and stored in accordance with the requirements of the customer, half a month ahead of the normal time.