Company leaders led a concentrated visit to major customers to discuss cooperation plans




From June 20th to 21st, Deng Jianjun, Chairman and Party Secretary of the company, led the key customer service team to visit key customers in Northeast China. In the process of "zero distance" communication with major customers, I solicit their opinions and suggestions, listen to their voices, help them solve their problems, and at the same time, I deeply discuss future cooperation with major customers, and actively study new paths and business models in the process of promoting the adjustment of industrial structure and customer structure. Company executive deputy general manager Qian Zewang accompanied the visit.

During the in-depth visit to four major customers in Northeast China, both sides had in-depth exchanges on further strengthening cooperation and achieving win-win results. Deng Jianjun carefully understand the customer's recent steel plate use needs, asked the customer needs to solve the problems and difficulties, and in-depth to the customer steel plate processing production site, on-site inspection of customer processing and use of Hegang Wugang steel plate process, understand the customer in the use of Hegang Wugang steel plate process opinions and suggestions. In the process of "zero distance" in-depth visit, my company's customers are the Hegang Wugang for a long time to provide high-end quality products and quality services expressed heartfelt gratitude, and said that in the future will further strengthen the communication with Hegang Wugang, to achieve greater development together.

Deng Jianjun briefly introduced the production and operation of Hewu Steel to the company's major customers. He said that he steel Wugang and major customers to establish strategic cooperative relations for many years, the two sides formed a deep friendship. The Northeast region is an important heavy industrial base in China, which is the traditional and key regional market of our company, and has established good cooperative relations with several large enterprises here since the establishment of our company for decades. In recent years, the overall market situation is depressed, Hegang Wugang is willing to unite with all partners to take warm, strong joint, cooperate with each other, take more projects, create brand boutique projects, to achieve deeper level of cooperation and development. Hegang Wugang will give full play to the unique advantages in large thickness, large single weight, high quality steel plate production, continue to increase the research and development and production in the field of high-end new products, do others can not do products, do others dare not do products, adhere to the high, fine, special, sharp road of development. Compared with foreign advanced steel mills, Hegang dance steel plate has obvious advantages in terms of delivery time and price. Next, Wugang will do its best to provide more high, fine, sharp products, help big customers seize the opportunity to occupy the market.

Deng Jianjun said that at present, the company's management team is seriously studying the market and customers, so as to truly understand the market and customers. The company is working hard to build a "customer-centric" value system. Companies pay more attention to their marketing teams than to technology and production processes. At present, through the strong promotion of marketing mode transformation, the company has established key customer service team, production line support service team and key customer service center, integrated production, technology, equipment and other resources, the whole industry chain fast service to customers. For each contract, from production, technology, quality to transportation, delivery, to provide customers with a full range of services. We not only want to sell products, but also to provide quality pre-sale, sale, after-sales service, all-round attention to user needs, to meet user needs, improve user service level. The company is promoting product upgrading and structural adjustment, building a support system for talent, technology, quality, informatization and automation, measuring the production line by the highest standards in the industry, and accelerating the transformation from a manufacturer to an integrated service provider. In terms of product quality, the company is fully implementing lean production, clean production and standardized operations, so that HEgang "Wugang" brand is not only the best internal quality, but also to achieve the most beautiful surface quality.

Deng Jianjun said that in terms of service for users, Hegang Wugang will do better in the future, we solemnly promise to big customers: in the future development, Hegang Wugang has full confidence, confidence and determination to do a good job in the whole process of quality service, develop high-end new products that customers need. Hegang Wugang has mature production technology, "all customer-centric", "customer demand is the working standard" business philosophy has penetrated into all aspects, from the production schedule to the production process to fully support sales, service sales. In terms of improved customer service, shorten the time of delivery, river steel WuGang technical department, customer service team will strengthen the exchange and communication with customers, early intervention in big customers in the design of the project and bidding, project department, purchasing department communication with customers, timely to ensure that meet the requirements of project performance, the standard of the steel plate used to do technical support. For customer service, terminal is king. It is very important to get involved in the bidding of customer projects in advance. We can know the end users' requirements for products in advance, understand the users' technical requirements for steel plates in advance, make the research and development and technological preparation before steel plate production in advance, shorten the production cycle of steel plates, win time for manufacturers, and make the end customers satisfied.

During the interview and communication process, the big customers of Hegang Wugang proposed that in the future development, they hope to further deepen the cooperation with Hegang Wugang, explore new paths and business models, and finally realize the win-win cooperation results of reducing their own procurement costs and increasing the price of Hegang Wugang steel plate.

In view of big customer demand, Deng Jianjun said that many heavy enterprises in northeast China are important partners of Hegang Wugang. In the future cooperation, these important strategic partners should not be lost, but also further deepen cooperation, find new value-added service points, through deepening cooperation, reduce the pressure of capital, mutual benefit. In the next step, Hegang Wugang in the in-depth promotion of industrial structure and customer structure adjustment, will closely contact with large customers, actively in-depth study of new paths and business models. The future relationship between Hegang Wugang and customers is definitely not a simple sales and sales relationship, but the upstream and downstream production line complementary relationship, the industrial chain embedded relationship, upstream and downstream mutual capital investment relationship. He steel Wugang wants to raise the relationship with the customer for me, I have your ties. Product promotion is not only the product itself, but also to bring customers solutions, advantages and added value services. According to the needs of customers, HEgang WugANG will make use of deep technical advantages and steel plate deep processing strength, together with large customers to expand wider and wider cooperation space. Through the intervention of industrial chain, capital investment, technology investment, service investment, to bring customers greater value experience, better achieve a win-win situation with customers.