The company and Shaanxi blower Group signed a win-win cooperation framework agreement




On the morning of July 7, our company and Shaanxi Blower (Group) Co., Ltd. signed a win-win cooperation framework agreement, the two sides agreed to jointly cope with the new normal market, and seek a new way of cooperative development. Zhao Guochang, vice general manager of our company, Chang Junli, general manager of Shaanxi Blower (Group) Co., Ltd. attended the signing of the cooperation and win-win framework agreement.

Shaanxi blower (group) co., Ltd. is a leader in the field of blower and compressor, He Wusteel company is the first wide plate production and scientific research base in China, and it is the important replacement of import plate base. In the years of cooperation, in line with the purpose of "mutual support, sincere cooperation", the two enterprises have formed a solid and good relationship between supply and demand, and established a deep and sincere friendship. With the deepening of bilateral cooperation and the rapid development of the market, both sides hope to reach a win-win cooperation framework agreement to maintain closer cooperation. The signing of the win-win cooperation framework agreement marks that the cooperation between the two enterprises has entered a new stage, continues the sincere cooperation process, and opens a new chapter of joint endeavor and win-win cooperation. It is of great practical significance for the two enterprises to realize complementary advantages, benefit sharing, and enhance market competition strength.

At the signing ceremony, Zhao Guochang and Chang Junli respectively signed the framework Agreement on win-win cooperation. After the signing ceremony, representatives of relevant departments of both sides also had further in-depth exchanges on the future cooperation and reached consensus on deepening cooperation, equipment supply, product purchase and sales, jointly exploring the international market, strengthening enterprise management and corporate culture construction. Representatives of both sides said that they should take the signing of the Framework Agreement on win-win cooperation as a starting point, cherish the current achievements of cooperation, and realize sincere cooperation and win-win development in broader areas and at deeper levels.