Company leaders zero distance service to major customers




On September 21, Deng Jianjun, Chairman of the Board and Secretary of the Party Committee of the company, and his delegation served Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries (Group) Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Zhenhua Heavy Industries), and had a friendly discussion with Li Ruixiang, chief economist of Zhenhua Heavy Industries, the main leaders of the Finance and capital Department and the material and equipment purchasing department and related personnel.

During the discussion, Deng Jianjun thanked Zhenhua Heavy Industry for the warm reception, explained the purpose of his visit, and sincerely asked Zhenhua Heavy Industry for suggestions and opinions on the company's products. It is pointed out that Zhenhua Heavy Industry is one of the 12 big customers of Hegang Wugang. Hegang Wugang and Zhenhua Heavy Industry has been a strategic partner for many years. Zhenhua Heavy Industry in the current industry, especially the shipping market is in a state of depression, still can maintain the trend of growth, fully shows that Zhenhua Heavy industry in the port machinery industry absolute leading position. He said, he steel Wugang in the current national economy into the deep adjustment period under the background, to technological progress as the starting point, promote product upgrading and structural adjustment, face the market, hard work, and strive to provide a package of material solutions for users, accelerate the transformation from product manufacturers to comprehensive service providers. The development of Hegang Wugang is inseparable from the support of Zhenhua Heavy Industry. We hope that both sides can further strengthen communication and exchange, and strive to promote deep cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win cooperation.

On behalf of Zhenhua Heavy Industry, Mr. Li Ruixiang warmly welcomed the arrival of Mr. Deng Jianjun and his party, and expressed his thanks to Hegang Wugang for its support to Zhenhua Heavy Industry over the years. He pointed out that Hegang Wugang has been the largest steel plate supplier to Zhenhua Heavy Industry, supplying 350,000 tons of steel plates per year at the peak, and the cooperation between the two sides has been very happy. Zhenhua Heavy Industry of Hegang Wugang products are very trust and satisfaction, also hope that Hegang WugANG can continue to support the development of Zhenhua port machinery, jointly cope with the current severe market situation, promote the common development of both sides.

Sales branch, the Department of science and technology of the main leaders and related personnel to participate in the discussion.