Company leaders in-depth docking high-end customers




On the afternoon of September 20th, Mr. Jianjun, Chairman of the Board and Secretary of the Party Committee of the company visited Shanghai Boiler Factory Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai Boiler) and had a friendly discussion with Mr. Shao Jianming, the executive director and general manager of Shanghai Boiler, Mr. CAI Minghua, the vice general manager of Shanghai Boiler, as well as the main leaders and related personnel of the purchasing department. The two sides had in-depth discussions on the mode, depth and breadth of cooperation and reached consensus on promoting the extension of industrial chain and carrying out in-depth cooperation.

Qian Zewang, EXECUTIVE vice general manager of the company, the main leaders of the sales branch and the Ministry of Science and Technology and related personnel attended the above activities.

During the discussion, Deng Jianjun briefly introduced the situation of the iron and steel industry and the achievements achieved in marketing model innovation and internal fine management of Hesteel Wugang since this year. He expressed his gratitude to the pan for its support to Hesteel Wugang over the years. He pointed out that as a well-known large power plant boiler equipment design and manufacturing enterprises at home and abroad, in the promotion of high-end boiler pressure vessel steel localization and Hesteel Wugang to carry out long-term close cooperation. It is based on the trust and support of Wugang products of Hegang that Wugang has made great progress in technology research and development and process innovation of steel for high-end boilers and pressure vessels. The two sides have maintained a friendly cooperative relationship for many years. It is hoped that the two sides will further strengthen communication and exchanges, deepen strategic cooperation and jointly revitalize national industries against the backdrop of the new normal economy.

Shao Jianming warmly welcomed the arrival of Deng Jianjun and his party, and expressed his heartfelt gratitude to HEGANG WUGANG for its support and help in the past 30 years. He pointed out that the steel pan and river WuGang are very professional enterprises, are highly consistent in terms of market positioning, the two sides have maintained good relations of cooperation, especially in the aspect of pressure vessel steel localization of high-end river steel WuGang on pan gave great support and help, for the pot and improved competitiveness, made an enormous contribution to realize leap-forward development. Compared with the use of imported steel, it not only helps the pot to save material costs, but also shortens the manufacturing cycle. Shanghai Wugang is willing to continue to promote the process of high-end steel plate localization together with HEgang Wugang, and jointly promote the national equipment manufacturing industry to achieve sound and rapid development.