"Put discipline first"




"The Red Army marched thousands of miles, and its direction is overwhelming. Now it has come to western Sichuan, and respects the customs of the Yi people. The military discipline is very strict, and it does not touch a grain. The grain is purchased fairly, and the price is paid fully..."
In May 1935, the Central Red Army prepared to pass through the Yi inhabited area of Daliang Mountain in Sichuan Province to reach Anshunchang. This road was regarded as a "dangerous road". It was very difficult for the Red Army to pass through this area.
Before entering the Yi area, the Red Army issued the Bulletin of the Chinese Workers' and Peasants' Red Army to publicize and implement the Party's policies and disciplines. At the same time, discipline education is widely carried out in the Red Army, which requires strict observance of iron discipline, and gains the trust of Yi compatriots through practical actions. It clearly stipulates that no shooting is allowed at Yi compatriots in any case, and whoever shoots violates discipline.
After entering the Yi area, when the engineering company in charge of the road cutting was cutting trees and building bridges, a group of people rushed forward and grabbed the bridge building equipment and other equipment carried by the soldiers. The engineering company strictly enforced discipline and kept restraint, and finally even the clothes were robbed. Suddenly, a soldier heard that a cold gun was put in the forest, so he clattered to pull the bolt. Luo Rongduan, the instructor, shouted, "Pay attention to discipline!"! No one is allowed to shoot without an order!
The troops strictly observed the discipline of "no shooting", but were robbed of weapons and equipment, so they had to return to the starting place by the same way. Seeing that the Red Army was indeed disciplined, the local Yi leader, Xiao Ye Dan, expressed his willingness to form a brother with Liu Bocheng, the commander of the advance army sent by the Central Red Army. The next day, Xiaoye Dan brought his own way to guide the Red Army through the Yi area and bid farewell to Liu Bocheng. The follow-up troops of the Red Army also followed the friendship road of "Yi Sea Alliance", passed through the Yi area that the enemy thought could not pass, and quickly crossed the Dadu River.
On October 2, 1964, the large-scale music and dance epic "Dongfang Hong" premiered in the Great Hall of the People. "The Red Army is on the road of revolution, and the flowers of revolution are blooming in our hearts..." The song "Friendship", as an episode of "Dongfang Hong", vividly represents the history of the Red Army's passing through the Yi District of Daliang Mountain. Soldiers defend the Party's discipline with blood and life, ensuring the Long March to move in the right direction and finally win.
"Dongfang Hong" was staged 14 times in a row, and the venues were full. To express gratitude to all performers, Zhou Enlai personally delivered a report to everyone. He said that Comrade Mao Zedong said that our Party is "a party with discipline, armed with Marxist Leninist theory, taking a self-criticism approach, and connecting with the people", "It is no accident that Comrade Mao Zedong put discipline first, because it is the primary condition that determines whether the Party can persist in revolution, defeat the enemy and win victory.".
Strict discipline is the glorious tradition and unique advantage of our Party. In the oath of joining the Party, from "obeying discipline" in the Red Army period to "adhering to the Party's discipline" in the War of Resistance against Japan, to "observing the Party's discipline" in the War of Liberation, to "strictly observing the Party's discipline" now, the content of the oath has changed several times, but the word "discipline" remains unchanged.
Deep Friendship has been echoing in Daliang Mountain. In 2017, Yi musician Long Lu composed the song "New Friendship" to pay tribute to the first secretary of Daliang Mountain in the village
To win the battle against poverty, strict discipline and excellent work style must be guaranteed. In Liangshan Prefecture, more than 10000 poverty relief cadres resolutely implemented the Central Committee's deployment, implemented the Party's discipline requirements in action, highlighted practical guidance and strict rules, and achieved real poverty alleviation. At the same time, we should stick to the principle of discipline and rules and strictly investigate and deal with violations of discipline and law, such as the misappropriation and embezzlement of poverty relief funds by a small number of cadres.
Zhang Yongfu is a villager of Malukou Village, Yuanlangbazi Township, Leibo County, Liangshan Prefecture. One day at the end of 2017, Zhang Yongfu was herding sheep on the grassland when he overheard villagers in neighboring villages saying that the country had a grassland subsidy. Zhang Yongfu rushes back to the sheep and angrily goes to the village discipline inspection commission to "ask for an explanation".
Zhang Yongfu reflected that the "all-in-one card" chaos involved in the problem has attracted the attention of Liangshan Prefecture Commission for Discipline Inspection. In 2017, there were more than 60 preferential agricultural subsidy projects in Liangshan Prefecture, more than 10 departments participated in the management, and a poor household had at most 14 cards. These preferential agricultural cards, which were difficult to manage centrally, became the "Tangseng meat" coveted by a few grassroots cadres.
We should put discipline in front, and use iron discipline to escort people out of poverty. In April 2018, the Supervision Committee of Sichuan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection deployed Liangshan Prefecture to take the lead in launching the "card clearing operation", and seriously investigated and dealt with corruption, embezzlement, interception, misappropriation and other violations of discipline and law during the issuance of "one card" funds for the benefit of the people. Since then, 21 cities (prefectures) across the province have launched the special treatment of "One Card" management of financial subsidy funds for people and farmers, and all regions have formed working groups to conduct full coverage and carpet type supervision and inspection when entering villages and households, so as to vigorously rectify the violations of disciplines and laws in the "One Card" field.
Shortly after Zhang Yongfu left the office of the township discipline inspection commission, Leibo County discipline inspection commission quickly organized forces to investigate the issue of retaining villagers' grassland subsidies and ecological compensation by cadres of Lanbazi Village Group. A month later, Zhang Yongfu received a subsidy of 545.41 yuan that was withheld without permission. Luo Gelimen, the leader of the Hongguang Group of Malukou Village, was severely warned by the Party and the relevant funds were recovered because he withheld and misappropriated the subsidies for farmers.
Up to now, Sichuan has cleared up more than 44.81 million "One Card" of all kinds, and collected more than 80 million yuan of illegal funds. In the fight against poverty, the requirement of comprehensively and strictly governing the Party has always been running through, and corruption and style problems around the masses have been seriously investigated and dealt with, so as to provide a strong disciplinary guarantee for the fight against poverty. In November 2020, all the 248000 households and 1052000 poor people in Liangshan Prefecture will be lifted out of poverty, and the whole prefecture will be lifted out of poverty.
"Last year, I received 40000 yuan in subsidies for dilapidated housing renovation alone. With other subsidies, I built a new house and bought seeds and fertilizers." Recently, Zhang Yongfu, who is taking part in forest protection and fire prevention patrols, said, "There is strict discipline, and the cadres are more down-to-earth in doing practical things for the people, and the days are more vigorous."
On April 6, 2021, the Information Office of the State Council issued a white paper entitled "China's Practice in Reducing Human Poverty". The white paper sums up the role of discipline guarantee in the fight against poverty in this way: implement the strictest assessment, evaluation, supervision and inspection, organize special inspection tours for the fight against poverty, carry out special treatment of corruption and style issues in the field of poverty alleviation, strengthen supervision and supervision for the fight against poverty, ensure that the work against poverty is pragmatic, the process of poverty alleviation is solid, and the results of poverty alleviation are real, so that the results of the fight against poverty can stand the test of practice and history.
We will strengthen discipline and make revolution invincible.  
Today's Daliang Mountain has embarked on the road of rural revitalization. In Mianning County, Liangshan Prefecture, a red Mianning Memorial Hall designed to hold two hands tightly together tells the revolutionary history of "Yi Sea Alliance". Recently, the newly elected members of the "two committees" of the village (community) in Mianning County came to the memorial hall to review their original mission and vowed to start a new journey with good work style and strict discipline.